5 Secret Baseball Glove Forums That Are Only For Professionals

Baseball forums are one of the most useful social communities that helps a player to find his answer. Whenever you are stuck in a problem, you just need to write your question on that forum and click the post button. If the community was helpful, then you should get your answer within an hour. But the problem is it’s tough to find a popular baseball glove forums for real help.

Because there are tons of forum sites on the internet. That’s why I’ve decided to introduce 5 secret baseball glove forums that are only for professionals. I’m repeating “Only For Professionals”! These communities do not accept everyone. But if you go through my links you will be recognized as a professional user. Because I’m a verified contributor of these baseball glove forums.

5 Best Baseball Glove Forums

5 best baseball forums

Baseball Forum

  • Journey Started: 01-01-1970
  • Current User: 1,344,080
  • Verified Contributor: 22,138

Baseballforum is the oldest baseball community on the internet. I exactly don’t know the creator’s name but he created this 28 years before Larry Page founded Google. They don’t accept everyone now because of their overloading community. But if you go through my reference link, they will accept you in a minute. From baseball gloves to the baseball field, every type of question and answer you can found on this forum. The average replay time is 15 minutes.

Blow Out Forums

  • Journey Started: 03-05-2017
  • Current User: 2,110,540
  • Verified Contributor: 4,220

With over 2 million active users BlowOutForums is the world’s largest community for baseball players. It only started 3 years ago but has double the number of users than BaseballForum.com. Verified Contributor number is low because they don’t accept everyone as verified. You have to ask or answer at least 10,000 threads to get the verified badge.

Baseball Slant

  • Journey Started: 01-09-2009
  • Current User: 1,002,339
  • Verified Contributor: 31,232

The operators of BaseballSlant are professional MLB players who have already played in high-level tournaments. So it will be a huge surprise if you get the wrong direction from them. Being a verified contributor to this community is quite easy for this forum. You just need to attend 3000 threads to get the delicious badge. Always updated content and the average reply time is 20 minutes.

HS baseball web

  • Journey Started: 14-02-1999
  • Current User: 1,587,387
  • Verified Contributor: 15,100

With an average 5 minutes replay time it’s the world’s fastest responsive high school baseball forum HSbaseballweb.com is mainly for high school baseball players. The HS means High School. You can find the most active mentor here for free. They will guide you, help you and lead to become better players. Stuck in any problem? Ask! If your internet connection doesn’t interrupt then you should get your answer in just 5 minutes from a verified contributor.

Baseball Fever

  • Journey Started: 08-01-2002
  • Current User: 1,238,350
  • Verified User: 3,438

Being a verified contributor in BaseballFever is quite complicated. You need to answer at least 30,000 threads to get a verified contributor. But it doesn’t affect your user experience. The good thing is they will start paying you after getting verified. They will pay you 1 USD for every 80 correct threads. This means earning money while helping. Though it’s not enough earning for your time, who doesn’t love extra money? The average response time is 20 minutes.

Benefits Of A Professional Forum

benefits of a baseball forum

Being in a good forum means you are updating yourself with others’ theories. There are no problems that you can’t solve with a good baseball forum. Did your baseball bat broked yesterday and you don’t know what’s the newest updated model to buy? Did you break your glove in the wrong way and you need to reshape it? Is coconut oil or mink oil safe to use?

Don’t worry! Open an account, write your question, hit the post button. And boom!! Your desired answer will be under your question within 10 minutes. So basically connecting with professionals and updating yourself like them is the benefit of joining a good forum.

Final Thought

I love connecting with my audience through forums. I like to update myself every day by helping others. Getting a verified badge doesn’t add any extra value to your using direction. It just looks cool! Sometimes it feels like it’s giving some extra rich premium look to my audience. It’s totally my personal belief. If you are a regular baseball player then a good baseball glove forum should be your must-have necessity.

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