5 Best Baseball Glove Oil and Glove Conditioners in 2024| Buyer’s Guide

When you have a baseball glove, you may know the importance of maintaining it. A good piece of baseball gloves costs at least 100 bucks. And I’m sure you don’t want to lose the leather moisture, catching ability, etc. of that gloves just for some materials. 

So you need to break in and maintain it with conditioner and oil. But you know that there is thousand of gloves oil and conditioner in the market which makes it challenging to find the right one.

Here we did it for you. After researching for 14 hours, we got the five best baseball glove conditioners and oil available in the market. 

But before reviewing them, let me tell you about the difference between oil and conditioner and what makes baseball glove oil or conditioner perfect to choose from. 

Difference Between Glove Oil And Glove Conditioner

In a word, baseball oils are mainly made for breaking in a baseball glove. And On the other side, baseball glove conditioners are specially made for maintenance purposes.

When you buy a baseball glove, you may notice that the glove is too stiff to use. So you definitely need to break in the glove to get the best performance from it. 

The oil plays a role here. You must need the glove oil to get a significant break-in. Yeah, the conditioners can do a break in the glove too, but it will not be effective as oils.

The conditioner helps you to prevent the glove from becoming heavy in some parts when stained in other parts. And it’s very more comfortable to spread than baseball gloves oil. 

The actual difference between baseball oils and conditioners is that baseball oils help to break in new gloves. On the other hand, the glove conditioner is used to maintain those gloves which are already broken in. 

Top 5 Best Baseball Glove Oil Or Conditioners

1. Rawlings Glovolium XL – Best Oil For Leather Gloves

Rawlings Glovolium XL

The Rawlings Glovolium Glove oil is specially made for those who want all-rounder oils for their baseball and catcher gloves.

It’s cheaper, lightweight comes with an applicator, and is one of the highest top-rated products by consumers. It will not be the cause of any discoloration, and it’s guaranteed. 

Don’t worry about over-oiling your gloves. Because the oil is so lightweight, it will not let the glove absorb too much. I like the feature that comes in a spray applicator bottle.

It’s easy to use. It made the process painless and simple. No matter old or new leather, you can use this for both. It will not cause you any harmful discoloration. And it’s way cheaper than the others.

So overall, in my opinion, it should be your best option if you are searching for the best baseball glove oil that actually worth it. 

2. Wilson Pro Stock – Best Conditioner For Leather Gloves

Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner

The Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner will be best for reviving your old gloves. This conditioner can help you to moisturize your stiff old gloves.

This gloves conditioner is organically made in the USA, and it’s easy to use. You can use it on your older gloves that need to tune up or use it on your brand-new gloves that need a good break-in. 

To be honest with you, this conditioner will not restore all of the damage that you have done in years. But it will do a massive amount of change into your yearly old stiff gloves. 

And Another cons thing that may bother you is that the glove conditioner is actually a little bit color effective. 

Unlike other brands, it will darken the leather of your baseball glove.

3. Nokona NLT Classic Leather Glove Conditioner

Nokona NLT Classic Leather Glove Conditioner

Nokona NLT Classic Leather glove conditioner is a household name for expert players from MLB. For thirty years, this gloves conditioner keeps given a high performance to players who like to use their gloves professionally. 

This tiny little tube of Nokona glove conditioner helps you to soften and also maintain your gloves. Very little, I mean, even a small amount of this conditioner can give a huge and long-lasting effect. 

It has a proven oiling formula. That means it just not only best for breaking in new gloves or old stiff gloves but also the best choice for maintaining shape.

Some people complained that this conditioner could give a little amount of color effect on their baseball mitts. But I didn’t notice that kind of discolor effect of this conditioner when I used it in my baseball mitts.

4. Fiebings Premium Baseball Glove Oil

Fiebings Premium Baseball Glove Oil

Fiebing’s Premium Baseball Glove Oil is an excellent choice for both old and new baseball mitts. It helps you to break in your new gloves and can revive old ones too. It’s quick, easy, and effective. 

The formula of this product is more effective when you will use it on high-quality leather. Try to do that.

Because of that, it unleashes the softening capabilities to seep into every part of the gloves. It’s speedy when it comes to softening your gloves. 

Another best thing is it’s non-toxic. That means it keeps ensuring you do not inhale toxic gases in your body when the glove is under heat. 

This Fiebing’s Premium Baseball Glove Oil is the ideal choice for the leather glove. And it’s guaranteed that it will not ruin your glove.

5. Hot Glove Cream Conditioner

Hot Glove Cream Conditioner

To be honest, if you are looking for something great for breaking in, then this is not for you. Maybe it’s a little bit the worst for breaking in new gloves, but it’s one of the best conditioners for maintenance and care for your gloves available in the market.

It’s an easy, safe, and effective way to protect your glove. The glove is entirely made with Vitamin E and lanolin.

These ingredients are in the first place for softening and preserving leather gloves. This USA-made glove conditioner is safe because it’s non-toxic. It adds a tacky surface to the glove, which helps in catching the ball. 

That’s a lightweight conditioner, so it will not add any extra weight to your glove. The conditioner helps to protect your glove from any damage while repelling rain and moisture. 

How To Choose The Best Baseball Glove Conditioner Or Oil

There are some criteria that you should maintain to choose the best. And some of them depend on you. 

Thick Balm Or Spray Applicator

Some people claim that thick balm-type of conditioners are more comfortable rather than spray applicators.

But the problem is in balm type is that you have to rub it into the leather while the other one is easy to spray. On the other way, some experts said that maybe the balm requires more work upfront, but it does a better job at maintaining softness over time. 

The beneficial part of spray applicator bottles is that it’s more useful when you are traveling, and you can keep that in your bag all the time without any hesitation.

We used both of them. And to be honest about it, we didn’t find huge differences between them. 

So the preferences depend on you. You can grab any of them.

Color Of Leather

Some baseball oils are truly horrible when it comes to the color of your glove. To be honest, in this list, some of them are notorious for their color.

But they are not the worst. That’s why I’m keeping them in the top five. If color altering doesn’t bother you, it will be worth considering. 


And last about the price. There are no huge differences in prices. Everyone looks for a great piece at a cheap price, including me. Many people thought that the expensive one is the most effective one. 

But when the cheaper one works well for you, you shouldn’t cost extra bucks for the item. In my recommendation, you can look for Rawlings Glovolium Baseball Glove Oil. It’s the winner of this list!

When you are looking for the expensive one, try to make sure that it comes with a cloth or other supplies.

In The End

First, decide what you need. If you want to break in the glove, then choose the baseball oils. And if you need to revive gloves or maintain purposes, then choose from the conditioner.

When it comes to the best baseball glove oil at a perfect cost, there’s not a whole lot on the market. In our recommendation, I’ve found that the Rawlings Glovolium Glove oil will be an all-around option for you. 

This lightweight oil is much more affordable than others which means it will bang for your buck. Mostly I love it because it doesn’t affect glove color, so don’t worry about discoloration. It comes with a spray applicator that’s why it’s easy to use. 

In the same way, if you want the best baseball glove conditioner from the market, my recommendation is to go for Hot Glove Cream Conditioner. 

The conditioner is made of Vitamin E and lanolin, and they are used as the number 1 ingredient for softening baseball mitts. It’s non-toxic, non-flammable, and lightweight, and I love it. 

At last, don’t break in the glove in the wrong way. Because it will be a disappointment if you have to buy a new one. So try to break in the glove properly.

Adios! Hit it Hard!!

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