7 Best Composite Softball Bats in 2024: Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Come on now – just one more hit. Don’t let me down now, batsy – we’ve got this.”

This was me. During my second season, holding onto my bat as if I was holding onto dear life. That one hit was all I needed to get our team the oh-so crucial points. What happened is ……

(The rest of the story comes later)

Look – let’s cut to the chase. You want a composite softball bat because it has a greater “trampoline effect” than all the other bats made from different materials. Whether it’s aluminum alloy or wood, no one can hold a candle to the power of the composite bat.

best composite softball bats

Plus, just as you saw in the story, a bat is not just about power & durability. Comfort plays a HUGE part. Your softball bat needs to be your extension – your trusted partner-in-crime. And when you choose a partner from the lineup of the best composite softball bats, you’ll be all set for an entire season.

With that said, a bat won’t make you a Hall of Famer. But it’ll DEFINITELY help you improve your batting average IF you’re comfortable with your bat. Let me show you what’s in store.

Top 7 Best Composite Softball Bats

Even at the risk of repeating myself – I have to say – a bat won’t make you a better hitter. It’s something you’ve got to become on your own. But a good samurai needs a sharp sword, and a good batter needs a good bat.

I’ve got a bat for everyone here. Whether you’re a slowpitch superstar, fastpitch fab, a power hitter, or a contact hitting specialist, you’ll find a bat suited to your playstyle. Now, I’ll show you what each bat brings to the table, and you’ve got to figure out if it fits your playstyle or not.

1. DeMarini 2022 CF Fastpitch Softtball Bat

Truth to be told – it’s really hard to get a composite bat that has good balance + great pop. Most of the time – you have to choose one and let go of the other.

Now, I know you’re expecting some sales crap where I tell you that the DeMarini 2022 CF is different.

No. It isn’t. It’s a contact bat. So, if you’re a contact hitter who loves to keep changing bases and put pressure on the defensive team, you’re gonna love this softball bat.

It’s a two-piece fastpitch composite bat. So, there’s a good balance. Every time you hit the ball – your hands won’t feel the sting too much.

I mean – you’ll still feel the vibration to some extent. From the two-piece construction, both pieces are connected via a Type-V connection.

It really helps with toning down the vibrational sting. In short, the two-piece construction + Type V connection point keeps the vibration in check.

The 2-1/4-inch barrel is strong and ready to deliver. I told you in the very beginning that composite bats are popular for having a better “trampoline effect.” And the DeMarini 2022 CF doesn’t disappoint.

Although it’s for contact hitters and not power hitters, it’s still got a lot of pop. Plus, you have drop weights from -8 to -11. If you want to make big hits, just go for the heavy version – simple!

The biggest part is the greater sweet spot. I mean – it’s unlikely to get an awkward hit with the wrong part of the bat unless you’re inexperienced.

So, the greater sweet spot gives you more leeway to make mistakes. Plus, the hot fastpitch composite softball bat.

Now, if you’re not sure what “hot” actually stands for – it means the bat is ready to ride into action right out of the gate.

Yes – it does need some break-in time. But just a couple of hours of swinging, and you’re good to go.

All I can say is that the DeMarini 2022 CF is an all-around fastpitch softball bat. It’s got good pop, a large sweet spot, and a comfy handle.

Plus, the reinforced polyester, aka Paraflex plus, makes this bat a beast in the right hands. However, just like many other hot composite bats out there, the CF 2022 also has some durability issues.

Not that it breaks after a few games or a couple of months. What happens is – people who don’t have good bat swing fundamentals hit the ball wrong. That, in turn, affects the bats’ structure, resulting in cracks and dents.

But the CF 2022 has your back for at least a year with its warranty. You can get a one-time replacement from the manufacturers if something goes south.

That should put your mind at ease. Still, if you are developing your swing basics, I think you shouldn’t spend such a heap load of green on the CF 2022. Instead, have a look at the Easton FIREFLY. The details are right up ahead. So, I’m not going to discuss it here.

One more thing – some composite softball bats are illegal in different leagues.

Although the DeMarini CF 2022 has approval from USSSA, ISA, ASA, NSA USA Softball, & WBSC, you should still double-check with your coach + the league officials. Apart from that, the DeMarini CF is one of the best composite softball bats out there right now. Try it out – and you’ll see.


  • Size: ‎28 inches
  • Drop: -8 to -11
  • Bat Type: Balanced
  • Handle Type: Type-V

2. Easton FIREFLY Fastpitch Softball Bat

Easton FIREFLY Fastpitch Softball Bat

This year I decided to coach my daughter’s softball team because I had a lot of time on my hands and also wanted to see the team succeed. Her team was in dire need of some good composite bats.

Once I was in the store and looking for the best deal, I started to realize that it’s hard to find something cheap but with good quality.

Chatted with a fellow coach, and she recommended the Easton FIREFLY. I fell in love with it right when I saw it. The bat had a great look and excellent pop.

It is a two-piece all composite bat with a -12 length-to-weight ratio. This one is designed for fast-pitch softball players who want to generate more power in their swing.

Make sure to break it in first because if you don’t, the ball will go straight up and over the outfield wall. I tried to go easy on this and worked in an easy soft toss before letting the girls hit full power.

After a few games, I realized the balls went higher than the previous alloy bat she had, so I took it out and gave quite a few swings.

It took me like 200 hits to fully break it in. The performance definitely improved from there on. During all those hits, I really liked the tacky grip on this.

You won’t be needing any batting gloves for this bat. While gloves are not necessary, most girls appreciate the additional grip they offer and the way they feel.

This bat is a game changer, with its soft feel and factory-tuned performance. Easton’s Connexion+ technology creates an amazingly light feel while keeping the natural feel of the bat in your hands.

Right out of the package, the barrel feels softer and more flexible. What makes it possible is its seamless carbon construction.

From a construction standpoint, I’ve seen Easton do stuff like that in the past. You get a crazy long barrel with a lightweight design. Easton has been around for decades and, as such, is experienced in what batters need.

You can be confident that they have the right bat that meets your needs and preferences. For the price, you won’t get a better lightweight bat than this one.

However, when it comes to durability, it is hard to tell how long the bat will last.

Given the low price of this composite bat, I would say that it will be worth the money if it lasts for at least a year. It looks like it’s going to last, but only time will tell.

The weight distribution, swing weight, and overall performance make this bat one of the best cheap composite softball bats on the market.


  • Size: ‎28 to 32 inches
  • Drop: -12
  • Grip Type: High tack
  • Grip Size: Standard

3. Rawling Mantra Fastpitch Softball Bat

Rawling Mantra Fastpitch Softball Bat

If you want to be the best, you have to swing the best composite softball bat. Almost everything about the Rawlings Mantra screams perfection.

I’ve seen the hype this bat created in the 2021 season. That hype train is still going this year as well. I mean, I like everything this bat has to offer, from its performance to its name.

First off, this is an all-composite bat from the barrel to the handle. Just like the Easton FIREFLY, you have the same two-piece technology here.

The feature that I really like about this one is its thinner outside barrel. This obviously creates a little bit more trampoline effect, which results in a crisp sound.

Rawling is no stranger to loud-sounding bats. We saw it in high school baseball; we saw it at the youth level.

Some of their popular fastpitch bats in the past made really loud sounds. This one, however, doesn’t make that loud sound.

All the girls in my team that tried out this bat really liked the sound it makes.

Now another feature I would really like to highlight is the F2 collar. This eliminates the barrel drag resulting in a nice smooth feeling on contact.

This collar makes vibration basically non-existent. In addition, the end cap also helps eliminate the barrel drag and a little bit faster swing speed.

What really surprised me was the weight. That bat I got is the 32-inch with a -10 drop. However, it feels really light in hand. It is clearly one of the lighter bats out there.

Now, let’s talk about the handle. It has the famous Lizard Skins grip to it that provides a tacky feel and unmatched comfort.

Also, this is the first bat ever that will have blast motion enabled in it that you could use at a game level for in-game results.

Of course, you will need to buy the sensor separately. The advantage? You can use it to measure swing speed, and all that stuff pros use to improve their game.

Now, if you are the type of person that loves balanced composite fastpitch bats, this might not be the perfect one for you.

This one is more end loaded which I think stronger girls will like more. Also, there isn’t too much flex going on either. At this point, I’m just nitpicking.

But if I have to point out only one thing that I didn’t really like was the break-in period. You will have to swing your way up to get that pop.

This is also a good sign that this bat will last for a long time, but the amount of time that it takes to fully break it in might be a deal-breaker for some of you.

All the features that I’ve just mentioned give the Mantra an “ease of use” advantage over any other softball bat in the industry.

The result? You’ll generate more speed and power – which equals more runs! So, whether you’re a Little Leaguer just starting or a seasoned vet looking for a new weapon, the Rawlings is the way to go.


  • Size: ‎30 to 34 inches
  • Drop: -9 and -10
  • Grip Type: Lizard Skin
  • Grip Size: Standard

4. Easton GHOST ADVANCED Fastpitch Softball Bat

Easton GHOST ADVANCED Fastpitch Softball Bat

It is hard not to recommend Easton bats. I mean, this is a well-known brand in the softball community, and they know how to make top-rated composite fastpitch softball bats.

The GHOST ADVANCED is a great addition to any player’s arsenal. I’ve already recommended the Easton FIREFLY, which I think a lot of you might be really interested in that because of the price.

The Ghost Advanced, on the other hand, is much more expensive but also feature-packed.

This bat is constructed with the highest-performing composite Easton has ever designed, and its attack performance is unmatched by any other bat on the market.

This is the same composite they use on their slow-pitch softball bats. 

Plus, this bat also supports a lower swing weight than other bats on the market, so it’s easier for you to swing and deliver more power.

It offers more whip and pop with a double-barrel 2 construction than previous models. The bat’s sweet spot is on top of the barrel, so you should be able to hit over the plate with it.

The next thing that got my attention was how it felt in my hands. Its flexible design lets me swing fast and do all of my tricks at practice without fear of breaking this.

I’ve used Easton bats for a long time and have always loved their Lizard Skin grips. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I noticed that it had no vibration at all. This brings me to my next point, which is the connection piece. This is what separates the barrel from the handle and also gives a smooth feeling of contact.

It also has that power boost knob which gives more leverage as well as a nicer feeling when swinging this bat.

It comes in all available weights, so you can find the perfect fit for your game. Drop 10 is geared more towards the high school league for players that need more bat speed and power.

I prefer the drop 8 and 9 because those bats are more end-loaded, which I feel is easier to swing and also allows me to generate power in my shots.

If you want less flex, I suggest you go with the Easton WONDERLITE. It has a one-piece construction, and when you compare it with the Ghost Advanced, this one is going to be very stiff across the board.

However, it will be easier to swing because of the lower BPI. You will also get a little more bat speed.


  • Size: ‎30 to 34 inches
  • Drop: -8 to -11
  • Grip Type: Lizard Skin
  • Grip Size: Standard

5. Marucci ECHO CONNECT Composite Fastpitch Bat

Marucci ECHO CONNECT Composite Fastpitch Bat

The Echo Connect is Marucci’s most responsive, powerful, and durable composite softball bat to date.

It’s got the same great durability and performance as the top-tier bats on the market, but at a price that’s worth it. If you’ve been wondering where to get a bargain on a big-name brand composite bat, give this one a try.

This composite fastpitch softball bat is perfect for those getting into the sport, especially for girls looking for something lightweight and durable.

The bat is designed for speed, making it perfect for use by young players. It is built with a thin handle for new players to grip and makes for easy control when swinging.

The first thing I noticed when I picked up the bat was that it felt really light, but also really strong. I feel like this has a nice flex profile and good balance toward the sweet spot.

Also, I liked how the grip was made with a foam-like material on the inside, so my hand didn’t slip around while gripping it.

The soft-touch micro-perforated grip on the handle was very comfortable and easy to hold onto, which made me feel like I could swing for longer periods of time without getting tired.

The weight distribution on this bat is perfect as well – it feels really balanced and easy to swing.

The bat has a carbon composite handle that offers a balance of performance and durability. The handle also reduces vibration, which results in more accuracy and power.

The name of the bat is very catchy with its “Echo” branding. The graphics are well done, with a clean layout that makes it easy to read.

Marucci used a new composite on this bat called the MDX. This allows the bat to have an expanded sweet bot.

I was able to hit balls with this bat right out of the wrapper, and it has been great so far. Once you break it in, the tone changes, and it becomes even better.

It is a relatively new bat in the fastpitch category, so I can’t speak for its durability yet. But I have been playing with this for a few weeks now, and it has been standing up well to my use.

I think Marucci did an amazing job with this one in the durability department.


  • Size: ‎28 to 34 inches
  • Drop: -8 to -11
  • Grip Type: Micro-perforated soft-touch grip
  • Grip Size: Standard

6. Louisville Slugger 2022 LXT Fastpitch Softball Bat

The Louisville Slugger LXT fastpitch bat has been a personal favorite of mine for the past few years. This 2022 model is a great bat for any player looking for something light yet powerful.

It has a perfectly balanced swing weight and a larger sweet spot, making it easier to hit the ball where you want it to go.

The three-piece composite barrel construction allows for faster swing speeds and more power. It also has a more responsive sweet spot than the previous models, making it easier for players to hit the ball.

In addition, the improved weight distribution of this bat decreases vibration and improves the sound and feel of the bat.

The LS PRO comfort grip is designed to fit your hand and give you a comfortable grip that will allow you to swing with power and precision.

I love the feel of this grip. It feels great when I swing and is also very easy to hold on to and doesn’t slip out of my hands like other grips I’ve tried before.

I really dig this bat’s look and the bold colors used in its design – it makes you want to show it off. It has a reddish tint that gives it an aggressive appearance, which is perfect for fast-pitch softball players.

In terms of design and performance, this is clearly one of the best composite fastpitch softball bats out there.

The sound is also much nicer because it doesn’t have that clang when you hit the ball like with other bats.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current bat, give the new Louisville Slugger LXT a try. This one being the 2022 model, obviously has that new end cap design that really makes this bat stand out from the rest.

They call this the COPA Performance end cap that works great together with the new barrel construction, making the bat even better.

It is designed to help you hit more home runs with a bigger sweet spot. Overall, all I can say is that the LXT is definitely one of the best composite bats for fastpitch softball.

It has the performance and the durability, making it an excellent option for players who want to swing as hard as they can and for those who want a bat that will last through many seasons of softball play.

Now, if you are the type of player that prefers drop 13 bats, well, you are out of luck. The LXT doesn’t have that option. However, you can get the next best thing.

The Louisville Slugger 2022 Proven Fastpitch Softball Bat is the latest model of the company’s popular line of bats.

It features a 1-piece design and a full composite barrel design. This one is one of the most sought-after bats on the market due to its many benefits.

For example, it has a lower price point and has a lighter weight for easier swinging with less fatigue during games or practices.

If you are looking for the best composite fastpitch bats without breaking the bank, this is the perfect choice for any player who wants to make the game easier on their body while still maintaining the same great performance they have come to expect from Louisville Slugger bats.


  • Size: ‎28 to 34 inches
  • Drop: -8 to -11
  • Grip Type: LS PRO Comfort Grip
  • Grip Size: Standard

7. Worth KRECHER USA/ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat

Worth KRECHER  USA/ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat

On the slow-pitch side of things, Worth is known for making some of the best composite slow pitch softball bats on the market.

I’ve been using the Worth KRECHER for a few months now and have to say that I’m very impressed with it. It has a lot of pop, is easy to handle, and feels great when you hit with it.

The XL series is for senior slow pitch softball. It has an extended barrel length of 13.5 and has an increased sweet spot for more accuracy.

Now, one thing I’ve noticed is that this bat is hot. I mean, it is super-hot. I’ve been looking for a good bat for a while now, and this one has been worth the wait.

However, great power comes at a cost. And for this bat, that will be the warranty. There is no break-in period which is a really good thing. And it is as hot as it gets.

This is why you won’t be getting any manufacturer warranty. Honestly, I don’t feel like this bat will give out anytime soon. 

I wouldn’t worry about that too much. This is Worth we are talking about. The stuff that goes into making this bat is high-end and performance driven.

Their bats are also known to be very durable. It also has a good handle, so players can feel confident in their grip as they swing it.

And thanks to the large, sweet spot, it is easy to swing, even for beginners. It’s like this is designed to help players crush the ball with ease and without having to put in too much effort.

This is a perfect bat for those who are new to slow pitch softball and want to practice their swing without the need for any break-in time.

The composite handle and barrel make it durable, lightweight, and super effective in the field. Also, this softball bat is end-loaded.

It has a .5-ounce end load weight that is distributed toward the barrel end, which helps players generate more ball flight with each swing.

This bat felt a bit top-heavy, but overall, it counterbalances it with the extended barrel length.

In addition, the knob prevents your hands from slipping off the handle at impact, which can cause you to lose your grip on the bat. If you like to make explosive hits, this bat is for you.


  • Size: ‎34 inches
  • Barrel length: 13.5-inches
  • Grip Type: High Tack
  • Grip Size: Standard

A Handy Little Blueprint on Choosing the Best Composite Softball Bats

If you went through the composite softball bat reviews here, you probably have something in mind already. And if you don’t, that’s okay as well. You’re allowed to be skeptical. That’s why I’ve put together some factors that’ll help you identify the best composite softball bats all on your own. You don’t have to rely on any lists – not even mine if I’m being honest. The next section is to get you ready to do your own homework. Let me show you.

· Balanced or End load (Who’s the Composite King?)

Okay, I’ve seen this debate rage on with both parties (balanced and end-load supporters) holding on their ground. The thing is – no bat type is inherently better. But one bat type is inherently illegal in most leagues (smiles). End-loaded bats aren’t allowed in many softball leagues.

So, if you really want that extra weight on your end cap to get bigger hits, make sure the league you’ll be playing in allows an end-loaded bat. Anyways, that’s why to me – it’s balanced bats all the way. I understand the allure of an end-loaded bat. If you can master using it, the hits are amazing. It feels as if you’re dropping nukes with each hit. But s balanced bat is almost always legal. You won’t have to face any disciplinary issues.

Plus, people who can get good with a balanced bat will also hit big. It’s not like you must have an end-loaded bat to hit homers. So, think about it before you make a decision.

· Hot vs. Cold Composite Bats

Most composite bats are hot. It means they’re ready and primed right out of the box. You don’t need to play a ton of games before your bat reaches its maximum potential. Now, a lot of softballers prefer a hot bat because they don’t need to break it in.

However, hot bats can be difficult to deal with for newbs. Inexperienced hitters often make contact with the wrong part of the bat. So, if the ball keeps missing the barrel and hits other parts, a hot bat can get dented quickly. You’re likely to lose your bat unless you make good contact.

The lesson here is – experienced hitters can get a lot of benefits from hot bats. They don’t have to wait. And the bat is ready for action. But inexperienced hitters should always start out with a cold bat. It will take time to break the bat in. Still, it’s worth it. The time you invest breaking your composite bat in will make your swings better. So, fewer chances of hitting the wrong areas and ruining your bat.

· Stamps and Certifications

Another super important factor when choosing your ideal softball bat is certification. In most leagues, composite bats are not legal. Even pros don’t always use composite bats because of high batted ball speed. They either go with aluminum bats or wooden bats.

In simpler words, batted ball speed means how fast the ball travels after coming into contact with your bat. So, the famous “trampoline effect” of composite material gives it a deadly exit velocity. It can injure the basemen if the exit speed is too high.

Recently though, manufacturers have toned down the trampoline effect of composite bats. So, the leagues are starting to allow the use of composite bats again. While this does take away some of the pop and exit velo, you can take your bat to a real game instead of using it in practice sessions.

So, make sure the bat you’re buying has all the major certifications like – USSSA for fastpitch and ASA/USA for slowpitch. Still, it’s better to check with your coach or league and ask them whether the bat you want to use is legal or not. If you do this, you won’t get ban-hammered.

· Extra Focus on Durability

The one big problem with composite bats – especially hot end-loaded bats – is durability. As I mentioned earlier, composite bats are hot. They require little to no break-in time. However, the downside to a hot bat is durability.

When the end cap is heavier, the bat isn’t balanced. Plus, if it’s hot, that spells more trouble. So, people who aren’t used to accurate hitting shouldn’t get a composite bat. One thing you CAN do is look out for a warranty.

For instance, the CF 2022 that I’ve listed here has a 1-year limited warranty. So, at least the big buck you spend is safe for a year. Get all the reassurances (warranty, reviews, feedback) you can before investing in a softball bat.

· Evaluating the Price

Finally, you need to know whether a composite bat is worth it. Composite bats are really expensive. Out of all the three primary materials used to make softball bats – wood, aluminum, & composite – composite is the costliest.

So, unless you’re sure that –

  • Your swings are good
  • You really want the added oomph, aka “trampoline effect”
  • And you don’t want to deal with any break-in

Get a composite bat. But if none of these three points apply to you, there’s no reason to spend around $400-$600. Still, if you really want to try a composite bat out without shredding money, I’d suggest looking into the EASTON FIREFLY.

That’s all, folks. Once you are fully aware of the factors mentioned here, you can decide all on your own whether getting the best composite softball bat makes sense or not.

Are Composite Softball Bats Better for Softball?


“Wait, what? Why would I spend $500 bucks if it isn’t the better softball bat?”

Let me make this clear. No particular material is better. So, the bat itself won’t make you a great hitter. I don’t want to be the coach who tells you that a bat can turn your hitting career around because it won’t.

Every bat type – wood, aluminum, and composite – has its own strengths and weaknesses. Just know that composite has a better trampoline effect, exit velocity, and balance.


I’ve already answered most of the burning questions about composite softball bats. However, there are some questions – peripheral but still important – that can help you on your journey.

Are composite softball bats better than aluminum?

Again, composite softball bats have good pop and better sweet spots, but they aren’t allowed in many official leagues. So, you always have to check whether the composite bat you bought is legal.
On the other hand, aluminum bats are extremely durable. The pop is also pretty good, but the sweet spot isn’t massive. So, you need to be accurate to get the big hits.

Are composite softball bats worth the money?

Yes – composite softball bats have a premium feel overall. Now, you can’t put a price on how a bat feels. But the point is – composite bats feel incredible. The weight distribution, balance, handle, and swings feel perfect. That’s what makes it worth the big greens.
Plus, there are two other major benefits – the trampoline effect + less vibration. All of the features combined together make a composite softball bat worth the money.

Do composite bats sting less?

Yes. Most composite bats are two-piece. That’s why the sting isn’t as pronounced. Plus, composite bats have extra features to control vibrational stings.

Do composite bats lose their pop?

Yes. Just like any other bat, even composite bats can go dead, ergo lose their pop.

Conquer with Composite

Continuing the story –

What happened is – I got my first swing in, a big miss.

Second swing – homer. (I bet you thought I’d hit it the third time). And I got my team the crucial points with my trusty composite bat.

Now coming back to the point –

Composite softball bats are DEFINITELY all the rage. And I get the temptation to board the composite hype train. These softball bats have great pop, longer sweet spot, and little to no vibration. It’s everything a hitter could ask for. But then again – the bat itself won’t make you a better hitter. It’s that simple.

While the best composite softball bat can give you an advantage with its longer sweet spot, it won’t save you from missing your shots. So, if you are someone who’s relying on a bat to make magic happen, please don’t. You’ll just end up spending a ton of dough to no avail.

But if you understand your softball and know that a composite softball bat will complement your playstyle, go get one. You’ll feel the difference. And who knows – maybe you’ll turn into a full composite-heavy hitter. So, know what you want, why you want it, and until next time – cheers!

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