5 Best Wheeled Baseball Bag in 2024 That Will Last For Years

Everyone has his own preferences and needs. Most of the time, you may need to carry a lot of equipment for playing and practicing purposes. In that situation, it’s rarely possible that you can carry and organize all of your gears into a little baseball bat bag. That’s why you need equipment bags.

In this review, we discussed the top 5 best-wheeled baseball bags that can make your day easy by giving a fantastic performance for multiple years.

At first, when we started, we chose 7 baseball equipment bags to review them as the best. But after researching deep about them and testing them one by one, two of them didn’t qualify due to some reasons. (We talked about the reasons in the buyer’s guide)

Top 5 Best Wheeled Baseball Bag Reviews

1. DeMarini Momentum Wheeled Bag

DeMarini Momentum Wheeled Bag
  • Dimensions: ‎39 x 17 x 3 inches
  • Bat Storage: Can hold up to 4 bats

Storage: If we have to be specific the DeMarini comes with a large amount of storage that can hold a shin guard, catcher’s glove, helmets, leg pads, and others like caps and uniforms, etc.

It also has a bat sleeve that can hold 4 bats easily. Inside those compartments, there are some valuable pockets to hold daily used essentials like mobiles, keys, wallets, and many others like that.

Wheels: They used two rugged wheels to carry the bag. Those wheels are durability tested and can quickly get you anywhere no matter the surface. We personally tested those wheels on rocky, tough ground and we found no problem with it.

It has separate interior compartments for things like extra gloves and cleats. We recommend you not to keep dirty shoes inside of baseball bags. It doesn’t look good.

2 Integrated J hooks to hang on the fence while you are in the dugout. And also massive zippers are featured on this bat bag as its main opening. (Always use a padlock to make sure it’s secure). It has various types of color options.

2. Easton Traveler Bat and Equipment Wheeled Bag

EASTON TRAVELER Bat & Equipment Wheeled Bag
  • Dimensions: 24” H x 13” W x 10” D
  • Colors: 8 colors are available
  • Bat Storage: Can hold 4 bats

This is a totally confusing baseball bag. No I mean is it a baseball equipment bag or is it a traveler’s bag? The best part is you can use it for both purposes. 

Storage: The Easton Traveler wheeled bag is a similar and updated version of the Boombah rolling super pack. It has a large vented main compartment that can hold a catcher’s mitt, first base glove, batting gloves, shields, balls, and more stuff like that.

On two sides it has two padded bat sleeves for 4 baseball or softball bats. And also extra side pockets for water bottles, towels, caps, wallets, and masks are featured inside and outside of this bag.

Wheels and Handle: The first one comes with just wheels and a strap for carrying option. But this one has durable rugged wheels and a telescoping handle as an easy transport option.

And also we tested it personally to make sure that is it can survive tough ground or not.

I, the author of this review personally purchased this one for myself. The reason behind it is that I can easily switch this one as my personal travel bag. And I hate to spend extra money.

Ease of Use: If you want to talk about its design then we should tell you that it comes in 8 fantastic colors. We don’t want to recommend you any particular color. It’s totally up to you.

Single heavy loaded j hooks for hanging on the fence and #10 zippers featured to secure your gears. It also has separate compartments on the outside like other bags.

But the difference is it’s removable and you can use this panel for team embroidery as well. Do you know what the juiciest thing about this gears and traveler bag is?

The price of this one is exactly at the point. Affordable price, larger compartments, multiple interfaces, 8 different colors. What do you need else?!

3. DeMarini Special Ops Wheeled Bag

DeMarini Special Ops Wheeled Bag
  • Dimensions: 38.5” x 15” W x 12” H
  • Colors: 3 Colors
  • Bat storage: Can hold 4 to 7 bats

If “Price of Beauty” had a face, then this one is your result. The DeMarini Special ops wheeled bag is the most expensive and luxurious wheeled gear & bat bag in our list. But the price is actually worth it.

Storage: No matter you are a catcher, pitcher, youth, or adult, this bag is perfect for all. It has the ability to hold all of your stuff including catcher’s gloves, sheen guard, batting helmets, batting gloves, uniforms, balls, and many others.

Inside this bag, it has plenty of smaller valuable pockets to keep your essentials. By the way, every compartment is separated and that’s why you can keep your gear organized.

Transport options: DeMarini special ops come with a telescoping pull handle and a pair of colored inline inside steel wheels. These wheels are literally “unbreakable”. While we are calling them unbreakable, it doesn’t mean we want to sell you this with some fake sales words.

DeMarini does guarantee you about its wheels. This bag comes with a one-year warranty. If anything wrong happens, they won’t ask you any questions to give you a refund or change (You can ask for a refund or you can ask for a change. It’s up to you.) It also has a pair of removable neoprene straps as the carry option.

Durable & Bats Storage: This has a hard body construction to make sure about its long-lasting durability and its waterproof. Yes, this bag is an all-weather-supported equipment bag.

It also has a fleece-lined cell phone pocket that can take care of your iPad. On the armored bat compartment, you can hold up to 6 to 7 big size like 34” bats easily.

Overall this is an ideal protective baseball bag for all levels of players.

4. Louisville Slugger Omaha Rig Wheeled Bag

Louisville Slugger Omaha Rig Wheeled Bag
  • Dimensions: 35” L x 12” W x 12” H
  • Colors: 10 colors
  • Bats storage: up to 4 baseball bats

Storage: Louisville Omaha rig wheeled bag has plenty of room that can fit a helmet, glove, uniform, cleats, and many others. Those compartments are simple by look and the customization panel is removable.

On the outside of the bag, there are some valuable pockets for your essentials of daily use. And on the backside of the bag, there is a zippered bat compartment that can fit four bats comfortably.

Wheels & Double j hooks: This fantastic equipment bag does come with a pair of wheels, but the problem is there is no telescoping handle to travel with it.

As an alternative, they used a nylon handle for traveling purposes. While most baseball bag comes with a single hook to hang, this one comes with two durable integrated fence hooks.

Those hooks can carry a maximum heavy load without breaking. If you do care about colors, this bag offers you 10 amazing colors to choose from. And the price isn’t high so it can be a deal maker for you.

5. Easton E700W Bat & Equipment Wheeled Bag

EASTON E700W Bat & Equipment Wheeled Bag
  • Dimensions: 36”L x 13”W x 13”H
  • Colors: 4 colors
  • Bat storage: 5 to 6 baseball bats

Storage: This one is the second most expensive baseball bag on our list. Easton E700w is a full-featured wheeled player equipment bag. This one has a large amount of storage to use.

In the secondary vented compartment, you can easily fit the catcher’s glove, fielder’s glove, and many others. But in the main compartment, you can fit a full catcher’s setup. You can comfortably keep all of your equipment organized from shoes to personal items.

Transportation: Two heavy-duty inline wheels are so durable that they guarantee it. They are specially made for surviving tough surfaces. It also has two non-removable straps as easy carry options. It has many inside and outside valuable pockets for mobiles, water bottles, Tiffin boxes, etc.

What we liked most is that outside of the bag it has a removable panel for team embroidery. Hope you are going to like that feature.

The Easton E700w bat & equipment bag doesn’t come with so many colors option. Only four options are available to choose from. And we think they should add more color variations by keeping in mind its price range.

How To Choose the Best Wheeled Baseball Bag (Buyer’s Guide)

For those who don’t know how to choose the best baseball wheeled bag that is worth every penny, this guide is for you. And these are the things that you need to consider before buying.


The first and maybe the most important part you need to look at before buying is what materials they used to make this baseball bag. 3 types of materials can be used to make a bag. It would be best if you always tried to choose a bag which is made of polyester and nylon.

These two types of materials are robust, durable, waterproof, and low-priced. Those 5 equipment bags that we reviewed are made of polyester and nylon. So you can relax and use them as hard as you can


We are talking about baseball equipment bags. It’s not an ordinary youth baseball bat pack. So storage plays a vital role here. Choose a bag that can hold all of the baseball gear without any problem.

Of those five bags which we reviewed, each one is enough to carry the maximum amount of gear. But just having a large number of compartments isn’t the only factor in becoming an ideal wheeled baseball bag.

Those compartments should be separated to make sure some beneficial parts. For example, you can’t keep your dirty shoes with your favorite official uniform in the same compartment. So always you need to choose a bag that has separate compartments for different items.

Plus, it helps you to organize your equipment and it looks more eye-catchy rather than become messy.


Of course, a wheeled bag must have a pair of wheels as an easy transportation option. But the problem is all manufacturers don’t provide robust and durable wheels with their bags.

We tested every wheel of those five listed bags that we reviewed. And we guarantee you that they will survive rocky, tough, and hard surfaces without any issues. (We tested and they passed doesn’t mean it can survive under a hydraulic press crusher)


Well, human doesn’t have control over the weather. It can be possible to rain at any time while you are on the playground. So it will be a wise decision if you like to choose a bag that is made of waterproof materials.

Polyesters and nylons are highly water-resistant and the listed five are made of those materials. The rest of you know what it means!

Anyway, sometimes you definitely need to wash your bag due to some problems like odor and dirt. At that time it can be possible that your bag can get damaged by water. But now you are free from that problem with this 5.

Zipper & Hooks

Zippers are made for securing your bag and hooks are made for hanging the bat bag on the fence. Both have different but important needs.

A high-quality zipper is mandatory for a bag, but hooks are optional. Hence, listed 5 have both high-quality zipper and integrated fence hooks because it’s also a qualifying factor for us.

Small Pockets

While you are on the field, you must need some accessories like a mobile, keys, watches, wallet, water bottles etc. So small pockets for them are necessary for an ideal bag.

Pockets can be placed anywhere no matter inside or outside. Try to keep those things in inside pockets that can be wet by rain.

Parting Wisdom

Choosing the best baseball wheeled bag isn’t hard and isn’t easy at the same time. And for us, it’s more difficult to choose because we have to select one of the best five. Listed every bag maintains all criteria that an ideal should have.

But the reality is we have to accept that we are recommending the Easton Traveler bat & equipment wheeled bag as the winner.

The plus point and the reason for choosing is this one as the winner is that you can use this one as a travel bag if you want.

Finally, you can choose any piece because we personally checked them and you are going to get a one-year satisfaction warranty from manufacturers on every baseball-wheeled bag that is listed.

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