Best Youth Baseball Bats Ever in 2023- For Young Hitters

Best youth baseball bats ever

Hitting the baseball out of the field depends on three things: power, technique, and the bat! It is essential to play with the right bat that helps the player swing it with ease and transfer maximum power to the ball.

However, picking the best baseball bats for youth is often a challenge, as selecting the right size, weight, and barrel becomes daunting. There are plenty of good baseball bats available for young players. However, not all of them are the best. So, I asked several coaches and young players about the bats they prefer and recommend.

So, here are the best youth baseball bats ever that’ll help you unleash your performance while hitting the ball with improved confidence.

Check out the reviews, and choose an amazing bat for practicing and playing league matches.

Top 5 Best Youth Baseball Bats review

Rawlings 2022 5150 USA Baseball Bat

Rawlings 2022 5150 USA Baseball Bat

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True T2 USA Youth BAT

True T2 USA Youth BAT

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Rawlings Threat USA Youth Baseball Bat

Rawlings Threat USA Youth Baseball Bat

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Louisville Slugger Youth Genuine Ash

Louisville Slugger Youth Genuine Ash

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1. Rawlings 5150 USA Baseball Bat

Rawlings 5150 USA Baseball Bat

Whether you are a new player or a pro one, Rawlings 2021 5150 USA Baseball Bat Series is your way to go. Designed with an upgraded sweet spot, this is the best youth baseball bat you can get to hit good shots.

It’s an alloy bat, so be assured about its lightweight and durability. Young athletes will find this bat easy to swing, thanks to ultra-lightweight bat construction. Furthermore, the barrel helps you transfer the power to the ball, which is essential for hitting big shots.

The thin walls of the barrel result in better pop while making the bat resistant to dings and dongs. You’ll love the handle for how sleek and easy to hold it is. The comfortable grip helps you hold the bat securely and hit multiple good shots in a row.

This is a bat with a longer barrel, so you can cover the entire plate while playing effectively. The specially designed endcap improves the swing while making the bat feel more balanced.

Lastly, Rawlings 2021 5150 USA Baseball Bat Series is approved for all USA Baseball Sanctioned Leagues. So choose from a range of lengths and drop weights to get an effective bat for improved gameplay.


  • Length: 29” (Available in Multiple Options)
  • Material: Alloy
  • Bat Type: One-piece

  • The endcap improves the swing
  • The bat is highly durable
  • The blue electric wrap looks amazing
  • Approved for all USA Baseball Sanctioned Leagues
  • A bit heavy for drop -10 configuration
  • The knob could’ve been a little bigger

2. Easton Speed Comp USA Baseball Bat 

Easton Speed Comp USA Baseball Bat

Young baseball players that need a bat with a superb barrel should look for Easton 2021 SPEED COMP -13. The brand has designed this bat to offer excellent performance in the field. It’s a two-piece bat with a composite barrel and carbon fiber handle.

The bat flexes perfectly, hitting the ball with immense power. On the thin handle, Easton has a wrapped cushioned flex-grip that feels comfortable in hand. Furthermore, the handle is stiff and suppresses the vibrations, so you get a solid grip with less sting.

The barrel is thick and has thin walls for excellent pop. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about finding the sweet spot, as this bat has it wide. Talking about weight, the bat has Hyperlite™ swing weight, so you can enjoy swinging it without losing weight.

Lastly, Easton 2021 SPEED COMP -13 meets the USA Baseball League standards, so young players can use it while playing league matches.


  • Length: 28” (Available in Multiple Options)
  • Material: Composite and Carbon Fiber
  • Bat Type: Two-piece
  • The bat has a comfortable grip
  • It offers ultimate flexibility
  • The speed cap makes the barrel even responsive
  • The bat has a natural sound on impact
  • Not for playing defense
  • You cannot use it in BBCOR leagues

3. True Temper USA Youth Baseball Bat

True Temper USA Youth Baseball Bat

This is a half-half baseball bat from True Temper that’s perfect for hitting great shots. Designed to offer a wider sweet spot, the bat gives you the feeling of holding metal. It’s a hybrid bat made using several materials, so be assured about its durability.

I loved the sleek handle and grip as they let you establish a firm grip while hitting shots with ease. Furthermore, the huge knob serves its purpose properly, and the bat remains secure in your hand.

The bat feels really light and has a drop weight of -10. True Temper also offers this baseball bat in varying drop weights to fulfill the requirements of different players.

Lastly, the baseball bat meets USA and USSSA standards, and you can play with it in any league. The bat looks really stylish and has an infused end cap for optimal swing and balance.


  • Length: 29” (Available in Multiple Options)
  • Material: Multiple
  • Bat Type: Two-piece
  • The thick barrel gives you the wider sweet spot
  • It has a big handle with a comfortable grip
  • The evenly distributed weight helps in better swing
  • The bat has thin walls for more pop
  • Not that great for practicing sessions
  • No color options

4. Rawlings Threat USA Youth Baseball Bat

Best Youth Baseball Bats Ever in 2023- For Young Hitters |

There is a reason why Rawlings call this youth baseball Bat a “Threat.” Well, it is a threat for the opponents, as you can hit long shots using this fantastic bat. Designed with a larger sweet spot, the bat lets you transfer the entire power to the baseball to cover more distance.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the mishits, thanks to the thicker barrel. The thin walls result in better pop while improving the structural integrity of the bat. Created for all types of hitters under 14, this bad boy is ultralight, and swinging it is pretty easy.

I’ve seen some young players using this bat, and they say it has the best comfortable handle grip. The bat won’t slip or fly off your hands, as the bigger knob keeps it in place.

The weight looks properly balanced, and that reflects in your performance. Furthermore, the composite design improves the trampoline effect, which is essential for power hitters.

Now you can look up to fast pitchers and give them the best answers with this superb bat in your hands. The only downside so far is its drop weight. Also, the bat could’ve been more durable and sturdier, as some players reported minor dings and dongs on its surface.


  • Length: 27” (Available in Multiple Options)
  • Material: Composite
  • Bat Type: Two-piece
  • It has the best trampoline effect
  • Lightweight construction
  • The bigger sweet spot for hitting better shots
  • The sting and vibrations are less
  • Not the most durable baseball bat
  • The pop is not that great

5. Louisville Slugger Youth Genuine Ash Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger Youth Genuine Ash Baseball Bat

Players that prefer a wooden bat should consider Louisville Slugger 2020 Youth Genuine Ash 125. This is a one-piece bat made using ash to offer a good hitting capability. You get a great holding position, as the handle is pretty thin.

Furthermore, the bat features a bigger knob to keep the bat secure in place while swinging. The thick barrel is perfect for hitting long and powerful shots. It has a big sweet spot, but it needs the practice to figure out where to hit the bat for maximum baseball travel.

Furthermore, the bat is lightweight, and you can play balanced shots while covering the entire plate. However, the material is prone to chipping, so you should invest some time in its maintenance.

Also, the bat vibrates a lot, so get ready to experience some sting if you miss hitting the ball. But, overall, I’d say Louisville Slugger 2020 Youth Genuine Ash 125 Black Baseball Bat is an amazing choice for budding players.

You can learn to find the sweet spot, and the bat is cheap, so no high investments at all.


  • Length: 30”
  • Material: Ash 125
  • Bat Type: One-piece
  • The bat has a nice weight for hitting good shots
  • Great for practicing sessions
  • The handle gives you a nice grip
  • Wider barrel for better performance
  • Not a lightweight bat
  • The pop is not very good

How to Choose the Best Youth Baseball Bats -Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a perfect baseball bat is not that easy, as there are several factors involved in it. However, below mentioned are some important factors you should look for when selecting a bat.


Baseball bats are available in a range of materials including wood, and metal. It is important to select the material based on its weight, hitting power, and durability. Some players prefer wooden bats, whereas some prefer metal baseball bats.

And it is a matter of personal preference. Make sure that the material you are choosing is highly durable, requires minimum care, and has a bigger sweet spot.

Also, consider the playing level to choose the right material, as some players prefer wooden during practice but get their hands on metal bats while playing league matches.


More than 50% of the bat’s performance depends on the length. And choosing the right length is often challenging. However, here are some easy ways to choose the right length according to your body stature.

I’m not covering a generic size chart here, so follow these tips to choose a length.

  • Hold the bat in an upright position and bring it closer to your leg. If you can grab the handle easily. The bat is of the right length.
  • Another way to find out the right length is by placing the bat in the center of your chest so that there is no gap between the chest and the knob. Now hold the barrel in your hand, if you can do it, this is the perfect bat for you.


You can hit better shots with more power and control when you have the right size bat in hand. Of course, size is always a topic of hot debate, but here’s a quick tip for choosing the best size for your needs.

Hold the bat in hand, and stretch your arm as much as you can. Try to hold the bat for 30-45 seconds in a similar position. If the bat feels heavy, drop the weight, and if it feels light, you can go for a heavier one.

Some young players believe that heavy bats are better for hitters, but that is not the case.

One-Piece of Two-Piece Bats

Baseball bats are available in one-piece and two-piece configurations. Louisville Slugger even offers some three-piece bats.

One-piece Baseball Bats

Made with a single material unit, these bats offer excellent durability. There is little flex, but the bat helps you transfer most of the energy to the baseball. One-piece youth baseball bats are good for powerful swing and balanced shots.

However, mishits can cause a severe sting.

Two-piece Baseball Bats

These bats are made by fusing two pieces, i.e., the barrel and the handle. The split design helps create more flex, so you will enjoy swinging the bat. Also, the vibrations get reduced, and you feel less sting.

Some Other Factors

Some other factors to look for in a bat are knob, handle grip and end cap. The knob should be big enough to keep the bat secure in your hands. Also, the handle grip should be comfortable so that you can hold the bat firmly for prolonged matches.

The end cap helps in swinging the bat, and you should ensure it is perfect for your level of play. Some bats even come with interchangeable end caps, so you can adjust the bat’s weight quickly.


Young players playing for a league match should choose the best youth baseball bats certified by the particular organization. The most preferred baseball associations in the United States are USSSA, BBCOR, USA, and more.


Baseball bats for young players are available in a range of options. If you are a pro player, don’t mind choosing a high-end performance-oriented bat. However, young players that have just started playing baseball should start with inexpensive bats.

Closing Thoughts

Now you know about these best youth baseball bats ever, so it will help you make an informed choice. Whether you are a pro or budding player, it is essential to get the right bat that helps you improve the level of gameplay.

All the best bats reviewed here belong to decent brands and come with several league certifications. Ensure choosing the right size, weight, and check other specs to select the right bat.

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