5 Best Metal Bat for Baseball in 2024 – [Reviews & Comparison]

The best thing about metal baseball bats is that they are durable, affordable, and don’t require break-in time! Until the 1970s, baseball relied on wooden bats only. But metal bats have established their prominence among players since their inception.

That feeling of hitting the baseball with full power is only possible when you hold the best metal bats. However, like wood, metal bats also come in a range of options, including several materials, lengths, and more.

This post rounds up the top 5 best metal bat for baseball. Read on to know more about these amazing bats you need to hit power shots using the trampoline effect and pick the one to up your gameplay. Check out these best metal baseball bats I shortlisted after asking several coaches and league players.

1. Louisville Slugger BBCOR Meta Baseball Bat

I can choose this metal bat from Louisville Slugger any day, as it has every quality of a decent metal bat. This is a three-piece bat made using high-grade aluminum.

Furthermore, the bat has a composite barrel that helps you swing it quickly without losing control.

The premium GT1 end cap maximizes barrel length and improves the swing speed. The bat has a balanced weight that’s good for playing league matches.

You’ll feel the bat be stiff, and it is good for reduced vibrations. Moreover, the three-piece design reduces the vibrations, and you can transfer maximum energy to the ball to hit it out of the field.

Lastly, the metal bat meets the BBCOR standards and is a great choice for a baseball player looking for a solid, durable, and flexible bat.

Bat Specifications

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Bat Type: Three-piece
  • Length: 31”

2. Easton ALPHA 360 USSSA Youth Baseball Bat

Easton ALPHA 360 is an amazing one-piece bat that delivers a solid feel. Fabricated using Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction, this is a super durable bat. 

Furthermore, it uses Carbon-Core™ technology that helps you hit shots with precision.

You can swing the bat with a good balance, and that is essential for hitting power shots. On the top of the knob, it has a Speed Cap™ that improves the responsiveness of the barrel and its flexibility.

The metal bat looks really classy and comes wrapped in Lizard Skins™. The entire material is ATAC alloy which makes the bat light.

Moreover, it has a drop weight of (-10), making it good for young players.

You’ll feel ultimate comfort by holding the handle. Also, the handle doesn’t vibrate a lot, which helps reduce the sting.

Easton Alpha offers this bat in a range of options, including several sizes and drop weights. You can quickly choose a great bat that’s perfect for enhancing your gameplay.

Bat Specifications

  • Material: ATAC Alloy
  • Bat Type: One-piece
  • Length: 30” (Available in multiple sizes)

3. Mizuno HOT METAL BBCOR Baseball Bat 

Mizuno B21 comes equipped with a thick barrel that uses CorTech technology. As a result, the bat has a wider sweet spot, so you can hit with high power without losing control.

Made using hot metal alloy, the bat has thin walls for more pop and better distance.

However, it doesn’t affect the durability, and the bat remains solid for longer. Furthermore, the one-piece construction allows maximum comfort and mobility.

On the bat’s end, there is an optimized cap for great sound, and it enhances the sweet spot as well.

The bat looks really cool with a thin handle and a big knob. I loved the Speed-Helix handle grip as it helps you hold the bat comfortably, and it won’t fly off when you hit a shot with full power.

The swing weight is properly balanced, making Mizuno B21 a great choice for players of all leagues. Lastly, it meets the standards of BBCOR and is worth the money.

Bat Specifications

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Bat Type: One-piece
  • Length: 34” (Available in multiple sizes)

4. EASTON Project 3 Alpha BBCOR Baseball Bat

Loved by a pro as well as a young league player, the Easton Project Alpha is an amazing metal bat available at a reasonable price.

Made using aluminum, this bat features CARBON-CORE technology and has thin walls pushing its limit by creating good pop.

You can rest assured about the durability and flexibility of this bat. The optimal barrel design helps you control the swing.

Also, it lets you get maximum launch angle which is essential for hitting the baseball out of the field.

The best feature of this bat is its adjustable swing weight. You can replace the end cap to adjust the weight according to your comfort.

Easton ships three end caps in the box, and you can achieve speed, load, and balance to hit preferred shots.

The design is just amazing, and the bat comes wrapped in custom Lizard Skins. Talking about the handle grip, it remains secure in your hand, and you can comfortably hit shots.

Overall, Easton Project 3 Alpha is a superb choice for every player. You can push your gaming limits with this metal bat and hit shots like a pro.

Bat Specifications

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Bat Type: One-piece
  • Length: 32” (Available in multiple sizes)

5. Louisville Slugger USA Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger 2019 Solo 619 is the top choice when it comes to choosing a composite metal bat.

Fabricated with SL Hyper Alloy, the bat is lightweight and gives you a stiffer feel that’s good for playing defense and hitting shots.

The massive sweet spot helps you transfer the entire energy to the ball, so it lands out of the field. The one-piece design enhances durability while reducing vibrations.

Louisville Slugger has used an SBC end cap for maximum swing weight balance.

You can swing the bat while having full control over it. Furthermore, the LS Pro Comfort Grip is there to reward you with a perfect mix of cushion and tack every time you step into the batter’s box.

The barrel diameter is 2 5/8″, and the tapered handle measures 7/8″. Lastly, this metal bat meets the USA bat standards and is approved for Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Baseball, Pony Baseball, and Dixie Youth Baseball.

Bat Specifications

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Bat Type: One-piece
  • Length: 28”

What to Look for When Buying the Best metal Bat for Baseball

Best metal Bat for Baseball

Manufacturers have been using different types of metals to make these bats. The material has a significant effect on the flexibility, strength, and weight of the bat. So, you cannot go wrong with it.

Here are a few things you should look for:

Types of Material

Start with checking the type of material to ensure you are getting your hands on the right bat. I prefer alloy and hybrid bats since they have great flexibility, and you can quickly transfer the entire power of your arms to the ball.

Alloy Bats

Baseball bats made using aircraft-grade aluminum are light and sturdy. These bats are great if you need something that lasts longer and doesn’t require any care. Furthermore, the flexibility is perfect for hitting good shots.

Half and Half Bats

These baseball bats have an aluminum or composite handle with a hybrid barrel. These have two materials combined to enhance the strength. These bats are lightweight and good for young players.

Composite Bats

Made using composite fiber, these bats are the lightest. Also, they have great flexibility but are not that durable as aluminum bats.

Hybrid Bats

These have several materials mixed together, including carbon and alloy. Hybrid bats are expensive and are great for pro players.


Choosing the appropriate length is essential to improve your level of play. Metal baseball bats are available in multiple lengths, including big and small. A bat that’s too long for you will limit the swing motion and speed.

On the other hand, a bat that’s too short will limit the plate coverage. Here are three tricks to measure the right length you need.

  • Take the bat, and place its bottom in a way that it sits in the center of your chest. It should point to one side and should be parallel to the outstretched arm. You should be able to touch bat’s top with your fingertips, it’s the right length to choose.
  • Stand the bat against the side of your right leg. Your palm should touch the bat’s knob easily when you reach down.
  • Position the bat’s bottom in your chest center so that it faces outwards. If you can hold the barrel of the bat easily, it is the right length.


There is nothing specific for weight, as it depends on the build of the player. You can only guess if a bat’s weight is right for you after holding and feeling it. Hold the bat, and extend your arm to one side.

If you can hold the bat in the same position for around 30-45 seconds, this is the right weight to buy. Also, check the drop weight of the bat. You can calculate the drop weight by subtracting the weight of the bat from its length.

If a bat is 25 ounces and 34 inches long, the drop weight will be (34-25= 9). The higher the drop weight, the lighter the bat will be.

Pro players prefer less drop weight, as they need a powerful bat to hit hard. Younger players should look for a higher drop weight to get a lightweight baseball metal bat.

Two-piece vs One-piece


I’ve played with both types of metal bats, so I can tell you the significant differences. A two-piece bat has two pieces infused together. Furthermore, the split-design results in improved flex and a better swing. Also, these bats can withstand higher vibrations, and you will feel less sting.

One-piece bats are more durable, and there is little to no energy loss when you hit. You should choose a one-piece bat to hit balanced shots with a powerful swing.

Other Things to Consider

Some other things to consider are the knob, barrel, and certifications. Hold the bat in hand, and try to hit a shot. If the knob keeps the bat inside your hands, it’s a good sign.

For certifications, you can look for BBCOR, USSA, and the USA-certified metal bats. Don’t go for bats with no certifications.

Closing Thoughts

Having the best metal bat for baseball is essential to hit shots according to your potential. Read these reviews, and then consider the guide to shortlist the top bat that suits your requirements.

All the bats that I’ve listed here belong to prominent brands and are highly durable. I can any day recommend Louisville Slugger 2021 BBCOR as it is the best metal baseball bat you can get.

If you are looking for an inexpensive bat, consider Easton ALPHA 360 -10 l -8 USSSA Youth Baseball Bat.

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