Which Baseball Bat Hits the Farthest: Aluminum Vs Wooden Bats

The first baseball game was played with a wooden bat, and these bats have come a long way! However, some players now prefer metal, more precisely aluminum bats, because of the balance and ultimate hitting strength.

But which baseball bat hits the farthest? If you are a power hitter, you need an amazing bat that lets you hit the baseball out of the ground, and for that, you need to get your hands on the right bat.

I’ve been playing baseball for years and have used almost every type of bat to hit different types of shots. in this article, I’ve made an in-depth comparison of wooden and aluminum bats to help you select a bat that hits the farthest.

Baseball Bat Aluminum

Wood Vs Aluminum Baseball Bats

I’ll get straight to the point before talking anything about the ups and downsides of the bats. Aluminum bats hit the farthest. The average hit by an aluminum bat can reach 6.65 meters, whereas the best hit can go around 7.59 meters.

You need to choose the best baseball bat in order to hit the farthest.

So, make sure the bat you are going to buy is of the right material, right length, and has a perfect balance.

Now you know which baseball bat is good for hitting, it is essential to understand the core difference between the wooden and aluminum bats.

What Do Aluminum/ Metal Bat Offer?

As you know, aluminum bats hit the farthest, but there are several other benefits of holding one while standing inside the batter’s box.

Here’s what a good aluminum bat can offer:

Bigger Sweet Spot

Unlike wooden baseball bats, aluminum bats have a bigger sweet spot. But finding the sweet spot takes some time.

With a bigger sweet spot, the batter gets a larger area to hit the baseball, which increases the chances of hitting good shots.

Highly Durable

Metal bats are extremely durable and are great for hitting hard pitches. There are fewer chances of any dings and dongs.

The bat doesn’t chip off, so you can keep playing for a long time using the same bat.

Ready to Use

Wooden bats require breaking in, but that is not the case with a metal bat. These bats come ready to use from the factory, so you can start playing right away with one of the best metal bats for baseball.

Aluminum Baseball Bat

Less Sting is There

Usually, most metal bats have a two-piece configuration, which results in less sting.

Some brands also offer three-piece metal bats for better sting reduction and improved gameplay.

Metal bats are great for hitting fantastic shots. Also, they are available in a range of materials, with aluminum bats being the most popular. Ensure buying a bat that belongs to a renowned brand, so your bat comes with a bigger sweet spot and helps you hit better shots.

What do Wooden Baseball Bats Offer?

Loved by pro players, wooden bats are light and offer a great balance.

Furthermore, they help you transfer natural power to the baseball while engaging more muscles.

Here are a few things to expect with a wood bat.

Better Balance

The best wooden baseball bats offer the ultimate balance, which you may miss in a metal bat. These bats are highly sturdy, and you get thorough control over the drive and swing.

Helps You Engage More Muscles

As wooden bats are heftier than aluminum bats, a player has to engage more muscles which serve as an advantage.

The more the muscles work, the better you can transfer the power to baseball.

More Natural Power

The pop and density of a wooden bat are unmatchable, and you won’t see it in a metal bat.

A good hit with a fantastic wooden bat can create an impact similar to a metal bat to help you hit the ball farther.

Better Feedback

Wooden Baseball Bat

Because wooden bats require extra force to hit, so the batter gets better feedback.

It may take some time to figure out the sweet spot, but once you are aware of where it is, you can enjoy hitting some great shots.

When you hit the baseball out of the sweet spot, you will experience the sting, and that is important to become a better player.

Amazing Barrel Awareness

Every baseball player should understand the concept of a sweet spot when playing with a wooden bat. However, finding the sweet spot is not that easy in the case of metal bats.

So beginners should get their hands on wooden bats and learn the art of finding the perfect hitting spot.

There are plenty of amazing brands like Louisville Slugger that offer amazing wooden bats.

If you are considering a wood bat, make sure to look for the material, weight, length, and barrel.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does a baseball go further with a wooden or metal bat?

Metal bats are great for hitting the baseball further. A good hit requires the right technique and understanding of the sweet spot.

You need to have good metal bats for baseball in order to hit the ball to a maximum distance.

Why does an aluminum bat hit farther?

The biggest reason is the size of the barrel. Also, these bats are light, and the player can swing them faster.

The bats are hard, and there is good resilience which results in greater speeds when the baseball hits the bat.

How do you make a bat hit farther?

Hitting the ball farther requires you to have a good baseball bat. The bat should offer an amazing grip so that you can hold it properly and transfer maximum energy to the ball.

If you are using a wooden bat, make sure to use the best pine tar for baseball bats and improve the bat’s grip.

Do aluminum bats lose their pop?

Some aluminum bats can develop imperfections over time, which results in the bat losing its pop.

Always take care of your bat to make sure it doesn’t lose its pop and helps you perform better.

Final Thoughts

Wood and metal, both baseball bats are fabulous for hitting the ball farther. It is entirely up to the player’s preference and requirements, which bat they choose for playing baseball matches.

I’d recommend using a wood bat during the practice sessions, as it helps you understand the anatomy of the sweet spot, and you can quickly learn to find the right spot.

Metal bats are amazing for playing league matches, as they reduce sting and help you hit the baseball farther.

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