How To Hit a Baseball With Power – The Definitive Guide

Yes, everyone wants to learn how to hit a baseball with power. But every guy of baseball can’t achieve it.

At first, let me clear this. If you are hoping that you will be able to hit a baseball with power like Barry Bonds by just reading this article online at home, then I am sorry to say that it will not ever happen. 

You have to improve yourself every day by practicing them. And you need to develop both your mind and body if you really want to add power to your swing.

For being a pro at baseball hitting, think about just two things.

  1. What will you do on the ground?
  2. What will you do out of the ground?

Let’s start with the outside steps. 

What do you have to do out of slug?

You are going to play in a big match. But you have to get ready at first to keep your realm on the match. Here are some power-hitting baseball workouts that you should try for improving your swing and mental power.


How To Improve Your Hitting In Baseball

Go to the Gym

What do you need to hit a baseball? Your hand. Part of the body! What do you need to run? Your leg. Part of the body!! You need to exercises for hitting power. You need to improve your body if you want to be good at baseball. A massive chest, well build shoulders and bulging biceps may look excellent and impressive. But a powerful swing requires others.

Strengthen the legs

Hitting with your hand is just looks like it’s everything. But actually, it’s not true. Your upper body is the delivery man of the power swing. The actual generator of the power is your leg. There are so many leg exercises that exist in the world for improving the strength of your leg. Some of the exercises like leg press, lunges, squats, and cleans are powerful amongst them.

Build the Grip and Forearms

Your grips will help you a little in you swing the bat. You can try crushing, stretching for building your grips and forearms. They are simple and effective to improve your grip strength. 

Don’t neglect your core

As I mentioned before, the lower body is the generator of the power swing, but the upper body is for delivery. Your lower back muscles, abs, oblique are most necessary for stabilizing your upper body. And it delivers the power which you generated by your legs. Simple but powerful moves like planks, single-leg bridges will be good at it. 

Try to relax

Relax of mind this is the reason that makes someone ordinary to an all-star baseball player. You can do yoga or meditation to relax like other athletes. Because you have to keep the focus on the ball and the speed you are going to produce with the bat. 

How To Hit A Baseball With Power

Just not workout is going to improve you. There are some power baseball swing drills you have to learn for how to properly hit a baseball.


Transfer Weight Smoothly

When you are generating the power, you need to maintain your balance in your swing. Transfer your body weight forward smoothly when you are trying to generate power from the lower body. It will allow you to create the highest torque impact with baseball. Keep in mind that, the more good torque you can produce the more power you can give to the baseball”. 

Keep Hands In

No matter what swing it is (inside or outside), you have to keep your hands near to the body. You generate your hitting power by the lower body, but in the same way, the swing is created by your wrists and hands. 

Do not keep your hands extended because it will slow your batting speed, and for this reason, your swing power will go drop. I don’t know that which handed you are, right or left! Your top hand’s palm must need to remain facing on upward so that you could drive the baseball. 

Control the Swing

Putting power into the swing is good, and that’s why you are reading this. But overdose of it will harm you more than help. The power into a swing will generate from your wrists and hips. Try to follow the power through your upper body smoothly. Hit the ball hard but as smoothly as possible.

Follow Through

There are multiple reasons for the importance of following through properly. First of all, it will help you to add every vital distance creating a backspin to the baseball. And also it helps you to point out every flaw to your swing. 

Final Word

Every baseball player desire to hit a baseball with more power. But the truth is everyone could not be Nelson Cruz. You are not going to be a world-class player by just reading this type of stuff online. Go to the field, pick up your baseball accessories, and start practicing. You will fail a lot but don’t worry. 

Try to learn from the failure. Do you know what? Even “Once in a generation” called player, Mike Trout claimed in an interview that he failed 7 times more than hit a ball in his life. 

No matter where you are now, I wish you good luck to your baseball journey. 

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