5 Best Pine Tar for Baseball Bats in 2024 – To Improve the Bat’s Grip

You might have seen several pro players applying pine tar to their wooden bats! Ever wondered why they do so? Is it legal to use pine tar in baseball? Well, batters can use pine tar, as it helps enhance the grip of the bat.

However, there are some rules associated with it! If you also own a wooden baseball bat, it is essential to use pine tar to preserve the wood. Here are the five best pine tars for baseball bats.

The article also talks about how to use the tar properly and the rules of using it.

5 Best Pine Tar for Baseball Bats in 2024 Reviewed

Choosing pine tar depends on a plethora of factors, such as its consistency, stickiness, and application process. So here are the best five pine tars I’ve used so far. Whether you own a power hitter bat or one for defending, you can use these tars to prolong its life.

1. Annex Extra Sticky Pine Tar – Squeeze Tube – Best Overall

Annex Extra Sticky Pine Tar

I love using this pine tar because of its super sticky texture. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t roll down the bat. Moreover, the task is entirely free from a mess, and you can even use it when out with our team for a baseball tour.

The tube contains pure tar without any chemicals, so it is 100% safe for any wooden bat, be it a Louisville Slugger or any bat.

You get a great grip after applying the tar, and there are no hassles of using a rosin bag as well. Lastly, the tar is creosote-free, making it the best option for baseball bats.

2. Rawlings GPT16 Genuine Pine Tar – Best Versatile Pine Tar

Rawlings GPT16 Genuine Pine Tar

If you need something that you can use on other wooden items as well, consider Rawlings GPT16 Genuine Pine Tar. It’s a thick and tacky liquid that stays in place and helps improve the bat’s grip.

Specially designed for wooden baseball bats, the tar is free from any harmful additives that can damage the bat.

Furthermore, it is easy to apply, and you can use a soft towel to soak the bat in tar.

The metal lid features two locks that prevent the tar from spilling while transporting it. However, it has a bad smell, which is usually the smell of pure pine tar.

3. Pelican Bat Wax Pine Tar – Best Blend

Pelican Bat Wax Grip Dip Pine Tar

If you are a pro league player and need pine tar that seriously improves the grip of the bat, chooses Pelican Bat Wax Grip Dip.

It is available in the form of wax, so you can apply it on the bat without any hassles.

The wax has a blend of pine tar and rosin, which enhances the tacking power, and you will feel enhancement in the grip as well. The tack rating of the wax is 8, which is pretty good.

Overall, this wax is a great option if you want to quickly apply pine tar to the bat without any spills. Apply the wax evenly, and you’ll get an improved grip for hitting amazing shots.

4. Franklin Sports MLB Gator Grip – Best Pine Tar Stick

Franklin Sports MLB Gator Grip

This pine tar stick from Franklin Sports is convenient to use. The new formula reduces the visible stains, so your favorite wooden bat looks clean while the grip gets improved.

Furthermore, it’s a non-toxic formula that makes it safe for players of all levels. The tar stays for longer due to its thick consistency and you don’t have to apply it a lot of times.

Applying it is as easy as a breeze, and you can improve the grip any time just by brushing the tick on the bat’s handle.

Franklin Sports offers the tar in a convenient stick, and you can carry it in your pocket. Lastly, this pine tar doesn’t smell bad, and this is another thing I like about it.

5. Marucci Pine Tar Stick – Best Pine Tar for Big Leagues

Marucci Pine Tar Stick

This pine tar stick from the house of Marucci has an advanced formulation and stays in place for longer. The super-sticky formula ensures the pine tar remains on the bat and doesn’t come off on your hands.

Furthermore, it comes in a retractable tube for easy application. The snap-tight cap ensures the tar stick remains fresh and doesn’t get hard.

You’ll see visible stains on the bat after applying the tar, but that’s acceptable as it is a strong one.

Just apply it gently all over the handle, keeping the 18-inch rule in mind, and you get an improved grip with more holding power.

How to Apply Pine Tar to Baseball Bat?

No matter if you have the best pine tar for baseball bats, if you don’t apply it properly, it’s of no use! Putting pine tar is really simple. However, it’s a messy task as well, and you may see tar flowing all over the bat.

Here’s the right way to do it:

  • Grab a towel, a jar of pine tar, and a scoop. If you are using a pine tar stick, you don’t need a scoop.
  • Rub the bat with the towel so there is no dust sticking to it. Now scoop the pine tar, take it on the towel. Make sure nothing touches and the tar as it may stain the bat.
  • Roll the bat with the pine tar-soaked towel and ensure keeping the 18-inch limitation in mind.
  • If you are using a pine tar stick, you don’t need a towel, just rub the stick on the entire bat, keeping in mind the 18-inch rule, and you are good to go.
  • Wait for 24 hours, and repeat the process if required.
  • Dab the treated area with a rosin bag to get better tack over the bat.

Rules of Using Pine Tar on Baseball Bats

You cannot just dip your bat in tar and use it for playing! Several baseball leagues have a different set of rules for it.

Here are a few rules every batter should keep in mind when applying pine tar on their bat.

According to Rule 3.02©, “The bat handle for not more than 18 inches from its end, maybe treated or covered with any substance of material to modify the grip. Any material that extends the 18-inch limitation makes the bat unfit for the game”.

If the umpire or the players of the opposite team find out that the bat has more tar than it should have, then it can result in the elimination of the particular bat from the game.

Either the batter has to use a different bat, or they won’t be allowed to play the match.

Final Words

It is essential to use the best pine tar for baseball bats if you need improved grip and better handling. All the five pine tars reviewed in this post are perfect for any wooden baseball bat.

Be it an ash bat or a bamboo one, you can use the tar for better gameplay.

Make sure to apply the tar correctly by following the rules so that the umpires don’t disqualify your bat, and you can perform really well for your team.

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