Wilson A950 Baseball Glove Review: Is It Really Good?

Wilson A950 outfield glove is one of the best baseball gear that you can keep in your bag to prepare yourself for a big match. But it also has some cons side that can be a deal-breaker to you. And today we are going to talk about the Wilson A950 Baseball Glove review, first impression, pro-cons side, and an honest opinion from myself.

Before getting started we want to tell you that it has only an outfield version to buy. Other versions for different positions will be available in the future but now it’s the only one. So if you are an outfielder or looking for an outfield glove then keep reading.

Materials And Construction

The Wilson A950 baseball glove is made with the Super-Pro leather shell which can easily compete with $500 gloves in long-lasting durability. But the hardness of the glove could be a problem in a break-in. You really need to break it in for a long time to make it ready for the game.

All leather laces are strong enough to make your glove sufferable in tough conditions. Bending backward is one of the common problems in most baseball gloves. But you can relax with this glove because it’s not one of those.


With a chocolate color design, it’s one of the most professional-looking gloves on the market. On the outside of the glove, the white embroidered logo gives you a rich premium look that looks cool whenever you wear it. It comes with a single-post design that lets you catch every ball inside your range. You can adjust your glove according to your hand measurement with the help of its straps.

Hand Variations

There are a lot of baseball gloves that are only made for one-hand variations. And unfortunately, the Wilson A950 is one of them. It has only one hand variation which is for righties. So if you are an LHT means left-hand thrower then you should skip this one. Because this one is not for you.

In the future, we hope they will release a variation for lefties too. But if you are a left-hand player and hardly looking for an outfield glove, then you can check this list of top outfield gloves for baseball.

Ease of Use

The best part of this glove is that it keeps your hand safe by preventing the impact of speedy balls. As a hard glove, it gives you a nice and crispy sound whenever you catch a ball. It’s so satisfying that I became a fan of that sound lol. The straps of this glove keep your hand cool by pumping air inside of the glove.

So no more weird sweaty hands. The best thing that can be a deal maker for you. Because it’s extremely affordable for anyone with a budget. 

Final Thought

So if you finished this whole article then you may know who qualifies to buy this glove. In summary, if you are a right-handed outfielder who is looking for an affordable glove with a lot of features then this could be a diamond choice for you.

In a word, “A comfortable glove for an ideal player.”

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