Wilson A900 First Base Mitt Review: Better Than Rawlings

Since 2018, it’s been one of the most asked questions how Wilson A900 works as a first base mitt. There are tons of first-base mitts that you can find on the market. Every one of them isn’t made for playing in every condition. So is the Wilson A900 good enough to take the place for its performance? Let’s start the Wilson A900 first base mitt review with its pros and cons.

Let me give you a spoiler! Yes the Wilson A900 baseball glove is a good first base mitt and it’s better than the Rawlings Pro Preferred. Another interesting thing is that the Rawlings one costs $120 more than the Wilson. (Exactly don’t know why. Probably because of its hype!)

Wilson A900 First Base Mitt Review

wilson a900 first base mitt

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Materials And Construction

Made with Protect pro-high-quality leather that is really durable and strong. The best thing about this type of leather is that it can absorb a very high speedy ball’s impact that is coming straight from the bat. Specially made to protect your hand in tough conditions and can absorb up to 500 mph speed without any problem.

The lightweight double palm construction made it easy to use for all age players. On the outside of the glove, they used leather lining to make sure of its performance. The laces are strong enough to last for a couple of years. Overall 9/10 for its material and construction.


design of wilson a900 first base mitt

The low-profile heels that are featured on the front side of this glove give you flexibility with comfort. I love its color very much. The whole glove is designed with a dark brown color which is similar to Cadbury chocolate. And the laces, logo, and lining are colored with white color which makes it more lucrative.

This glove is made with a single web design that helps you to catch every ball with more ease. The outside logo gives you a rich premium look whenever you wear it. However, it doesn’t add any extra benefit, but I like it because it just looks cool. Overall 8/10 for its design.

Hand Variations

Most baseball gloves come with only one hand throwing option. Gloves for lefties are not that popular because there are only 37% of players play baseball with their left hand. That’s the reason why most gloves come with only one hand type.

But the Wilson A900 first base mitt has both hand variations for its user. It means no matter if you are an LHT or RHT, your glove is available on it. Overall 10/10 for its hand variations because there is no way to cut the point.

Ease Of Use

The Wilson A900 First Base Mitt is a good choice for those who want a comfortable and user-friendly glove with a lot of features. I personally love the feature of this glove is that it gives you a sweet crispy sound whenever you catch a ball. I am a huge ASMR lover, so it’s kind of a diamond feature for me.

As a summer season game, you need to spend a lot of time under the sun. Sweating hands can put you in an uncomfortable situation which will definitely interrupt your game. But the soft straps of this mitt keep your hand cool for a long time by supplying air inside of the glove. Overall 8.5/10 for its usability.

Should I Buy This?

Yes, if you are looking for a budget baseball glove that has a lot of features included, then the Wilson A900 First base mitt will be the best baseball gear that you can get.

Currently, it has 690+ good reviews with 4.6 ratings on Amazon. But I’m sure that it has uncountable good ratings offline. I hope you will like it too. But if unfortunately, anything wrong happens with you, then you will be 100% refunded without any question asked.

Because Wilson has an agreement with Baseball Hover, people who go through our referral will get an extra 12-month warranty.

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