Wilson A1000 Glove Review (With Pros and Cons)

As a human, everyone loves to get the best piece of product at a budget price. Wilson A1000 glove review is one of the best budget baseball gloves that you can find on the market. It comes with a lot of features that will blow your mind with its ease. If you are serious about an ideal affordable glove, then it should be a must-have glove for 2021.

This Wilson A1000 glove review will discuss its pros, cons, and other things that you may need to consider before buying. So let’s dig deep into the sea.

Different Types of Wilson A1000

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Wilson A1000 Glove Review


The Wilson A900 baseball gloves are made with Black blonde Full-Grain leather. Full-grain leather performs best in tough situations with its top-notch durability. This glove is literally a beast at durability. We took a survey from the players who already used it for years.

Every review was positive and they are quite happy with its performance. With its good branded quality we can assure you that you can count it for years.

Lightweight Design

The best part of the Black blonde pro stock leather is its lightweight while being durable. Lightweight gloves help you to catch a baseball with more comfort on the field. As a player, you need to wear baseball gloves on the field for a long time.

An overweight glove can make you feel uneasy during the game. But you can relax with the Wilson A1000 baseball glove because it is made with that lightweight blonde black pro leather. 

Perfect Webbing And Bigger Pocket

While talking about ease in catching, a glove’s webbing plays a vital role here. The A1000 baseball glove is designed with an H-Web design that adds more ease in catching compared to other gloves. It also has a bigger pocket to secure your ball after the catch.

Professional MLB players prefer a glove that has a bigger pocket because they believe a big pocket is the main key to catching every ball that is inside your range.

Comes With Warranty

This Wilson A1000 glove comes with a one-year official warranty from the manufacturer. But you can get up to 24 months no question asked warranty on this A1000! Let me tell you how…

Every Baseball Hover reader will get an extra year warranty on their glove for an agreement that we did with Wilson. You don’t need to do anything to get this offer. Because you already claimed it by reading our review.

Comfortable Padding

A comfort padding secures your hand from several kinds of hand injuries. The high-comfortable padding of the A1000 baseball glove can absorb up to 500 mph impact on high-speed balls that are coming from bats. This is literally insane for a budget baseball glove. There is no way to cut a single point from this glove for its padding.

WILSON A1000 Baseball Glove

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Should I Buy The Wilson A1000 Baseball Glove?

Definitely a yes from myself. If you are looking for a budget baseball that has every feature like an expensive high priced glove, then you should invest in the Wilson A1000. It will be the perfect arsenal for your next upcoming baseball match. Professional color, top-notch guaranteed performance, and other features won’t break your trust in this glove.

Note: Make sure you are choosing the right size for your hand.

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