Mineral Oil For Baseball Glove | Can You Use It?

By the end of the 19th century, most baseball players had begun nurturing the use of gloves on the field. This revolution inevitably gave rise to the use of different glove conditioners. Mineral oil was one of the most commonly used glove oils during this era. Interestingly, mineral oil has been adopted to this date. Some baseball players prefer mineral oil to other conditioners like mink oil.

If you ask any baseball player, they know the comfort and pride of using a nice and conditioned glove. Using a little mineral oil on your glove serves your glove for years of continued use.

A little baseball history states that players used neatsfoot oil for their gloves. Still, as times evolved and new discoveries were made, the introduction and experimentation of different conditioners like mineral oil are common to this day. Neatsfoot oil was abandoned after the realization that it oxidizes and tends to facilitate leather decay.

Mineral oil acts as a protective waterproof coating for leather. Furthermore, it helps protect your glove from drying out and cracking when not in use. Even though most baseball players have used oil to break into their gloves, it is unnecessary to use mineral oil to break into your glove.

Is mineral oil suitable for a baseball glove?

To this date, still, most players love to use mineral oil on their gloves. One of the best advantages of using mineral oil on your expensive baseball glove is that it acts as a waterproof coating for your baseball glove.

Mineral oil is meant to protect your glove from drying out when not in use. When using mineral oil on your glove, be careful not to overdo it as you do not want your glove soaking wet. Wet leather tends to deteriorate faster.

How to Use Mineral Oil on Baseball Glove?

Like most conditioners, applying mineral oil to your glove takes the same procedure and precautions. The steps of using mineral oil are simple and can be done with most players at any level.

  1. Buy the correct mineral oil for your baseball glove. You can purchase it here. (Affiliate link).
  2. Apply the mineral oil to the glove. When performing this step, ensure you use the mineral oil sparingly. Using a lot of oil does not help in keeping your glove healthy. Instead, it makes it wet and increases its deteriorating rate. A tiny amount goes a long way to do the right job.
  3. Rub the oil on the entire glove. Make sure you have spread the oil on all parts of the glove. You must ensure that no parts are left unattended, as this can cause your glove to look crunchy with some parts dried out.
  4. Let the glove dry properly. This step is crucial in ensuring that you achieve the ultimate results. The least amount you can dry your baseball glove is 12 hours. It would be best to dry it for up to two days if you would like. While drying your glove, ensure to avoid direct sunlight, as you want your glove to dry appropriately while absorbing the mineral oil as well. A cool, dry place is the best location to dry waterproof baseball gloves.
  5. Play a game of catch. This is the best way to break into your glove correctly. After drying your gloves, playing catch makes your glove ready for the next game as it allows your hand and glove to adapt to the shape of the ball.

What Is The Benefit of Using Mineral Oil?

Mineral oil has some benefits for your glove. Here is a synopsis of some benefits.

  • Protects your glove from drying out.
  • Maintains your glove’s original leather look.
  • It acts as a waterproof coating for your baseball glove.
  • It helps you break into your glove.

What Precautions Do I Need to Take While Using Mineral Oil On My Glove?

  • Do not soak your glove in mineral oil.
  • Use a soft cloth to apply mineral oil to your glove.
  • Use tiny bits of oil.
  • Buy the right mineral oil.
  • Dry your oiled glove in a cool, dry place.
  • After applying the mineral oil, dry the glove for at least 12 hours.

Where Can I Buy Mineral Oil?

You can buy the best mineral oil here. (Amazon affiliate link)

Is mineral Oil Good For Leather?

You can put mineral oil on leather. Mineral oil is great for leather. As most leathers tend to dry out and crack after prolonged use, mineral oil has proved to protect and keep the leather moist and shiny. This helps the leather maintain its original look over more extended periods.

How Much Mineral Oil Do I need for Great Results?

Applying mineral oil to your baseball glove should be a gradual process. It would be best only to use a tiny bit of oil and only add more bits if the glove seems to have enough. Small amounts go a long way.

Wrap up – Mineral Oil For Baseball Glove

Just like any other conditioner, it is advisable to use mineral oil sparingly. Furthermore, it would be best not to apply the oil directly. Instead, use a soft cloth and spread the oil gradually on your glove. A new glove does not need oil necessarily, but you can apply mineral oil to help keep the glove healthy after some time.

Mineral oil is meant to maintain your glove over more extended periods without drying out. Allow the mineral oil to soak in well as you rub it gradually. Do not soak your glove in oil.

Learning the best practices to oil your glove is the best way to keep your glove nice, healthy, and ready for the next game.

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