How To Use Neatsfoot Oil On Baseball Glove? Easy Steps To Follow

Neatsfoot oil has been used for centuries to polish leather accessories like boots, bags, etc. And polishing leather is neatsfoot oil’s primary use. However, some players claim that using this type of oil to condition a baseball glove is user-friendly. Use Neatsfoot Oil on Baseball Gloves.

But some of you may notice that after using neatsfoot oil, colors got changed, and gloves got damaged. So what’s the matter? Is it right to use it or not? In this article, we will talk about neatsfoot oil baseball gloves, are the right to use, how to use them, and which one is the best.

Is Neatsfoot Oil Good For Baseball Glove?

It depends on the type of neatsfoot oil. There are two varieties of neatsfoot oil available on the market. 1. Prime neatsfoot oil 2.Pure neatsfoot oil. The first one is actually petroleum-based products. Not just baseball gloves, any kind of leather will be damaged by using it. On the other way, pure neatsfoot oil is user-friendly for gloves. But it also has some little side effects.

So if you have to use neatsfoot oil on a baseball glove, make sure you are using the pure one. Check its level before buying. Because petroleum-based prime neatsfoot oil will end up your glove damaging its efficiency in less than 24 hours.

How to Use Neatsfoot Oil On Baseball Gloves?

You can use neatsfoot oil as an alternative to glove conditioner. But remember using this oil can affect your glove’s color. If you love the brightness of your glove’s color, then you shouldn’t try it. Because those colors will be changed into darkening if you use these oils directly.

Okay; for breaking or reviving your glove, you have to do:

  1. Using neatsfoot oil on the glove with a soft cloth
  2. Rub it on the entire outside of the glove
  3. Let it dry for 14 hours in an open place
  4. Make sure you aren’t drying it directly under the sun
  5. After drying, try to mold it a little
  6. Practice some hard catches with the glove to make it game-ready

Best Neatsfoot Oil for Baseball Glove

Bickmore 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil

bickmore neatsfoot oil

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The Bickmore Pure Neatsfoot oil is specially made for leather things like baseball gloves, shoes, boots, wallets, etc. This petroleum distillate-free neatsfoot oil helps you to moisturize your glove. You can take this one as a perfect alternative to professional glove oil. When it comes to breaking in a glove, no matter how stiff the glove is, it will soften your glove like other oils.

The material of this neatsfoot oil comes straight from the chosen cattle bone. That’s why it is 100% pure and natural. The application of this oil will make your glove waterproof by repelling water naturally.

Bickmore 100% pure neatsfoot oil is carefully made in the USA and comes in two sizes variety. One is 8oz, and the other is 32oz.

One thing that can give you backpush is its darkening effect. Directly applying this oil will change the color of your gloves, and you have to note it. To get rid of this problem, use it with a soft dumb cloth. First, take the oil from the bottle with a cloth. Then apply it on the glove from the cloth. That way, you can take care of your glove’s color while getting its ease.

Is Neatsfoot Oil Similar To Mink Oil?

Neatsfoot oil is made from the bones of cattle. The mink oils are made from the fatty skin of mink. So in material grading, both are totally different. But in some ways, neatsfoot oil is similar to mink oil. Mink oil will darken your glove as same as neatsfoot. But both can be used to moisturize, break in, and revive.

There is another side effect that can make a significant difference between these two. While neat’ s-foot oil is only limited in the darkening effect, mink oil can make your glove harden after a year.

Neat’ s-foot Oil VS Coconut Oil | Which One Is Better?

Neat’ s-foot oil is better than coconut oil without any question. There is no sound effect of using coconut oil on a baseball glove. While pure neatsfoot oil softens and conditions your glove, coconut oil harms it instantly. 4 vital damages will happen if you use coconut oil on your glove:

  1. Your glove will not dry for a long time
  2. It will make your glove slippery
  3. It will break your gloves catching efficiency in the wrong way
  4. It will change the color of your gloves

But neatsfoot oil comes only with the 4th side effect of that list. Now you can easily decide which one is better for your gloves.


We are not stopping you from using Neatsfoot oil on your baseball glove. But make sure it’s the purest one. The Bickmore 100% pure neatsfoot oil will be the best leather-friendly oil for your glove. Keep in mind the warning that is about not applying directly.

We hope it will make your baseball journey better. Thanks for reading!

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