Backspin Tee Reviews (Experience a New and Improved Hitting Drill)

So, you want to master the art of hitting a baseball coming at you at breakneck speed? Get your fundamentals in check.

This means before you start practicing against a pitcher or a pitching machine,

you need to learn the proper strike zones in the ball and how you can hit them efficiently.

But when you start actually putting yourself out there, you will quickly realize that it is much easier said than done.

The pros do it effortlessly though, what gives? Well, the truth is, before they hit the pitch in a proper game, they spent thousands of hours on a field practicing hitting a stationary ball on a baseball batting tee.

The silver lining here is that you too can achieve that level of precision and strike power by practicing regularly with a baseball tee.

Now, the upside-down baseball tee from Backspin is a new take on the traditional batting tee.

Sure, I was skeptical about it. But the more I used it, the more I realized this can be a gamechanger.

Now, everybody has different tastes and preferences and that is perfectly fine. I have seen people hating on the brand a lot because of their price.

However, I believe the quality and unique design they provide completely justifies the price tag. And after Backspin tee reviews, you may want to jump ship and give this a shot.

What is the Backspin Tee?

I have seen many people get confused when talking about Backspin Tees. A lot of people tend to use the term Backspin Tee off-handedly when talking about an upside-down batting tee. However, Backspin Tee is not a design, but rather the name of a specific brand.

The brand, however, specializes in producing high-quality upside-down vertical batting tee with some unique features. Sure, there are other similarly designed batting tees out there, but when it comes to quality, they rarely match that of what you would get with a Backspin hitting tee.

When it comes to the product catalog, they do not offer much. You will find only three different batting tees from the brand, but each of them is made to cater to the specific needs of a player. That is what makes them special.

3 Best Backspin Tee Reviews

Here is a detailed breakdown of the Backspin tees. You’ll get to see the first-hand experience I had with these batting tees- both good and bad.

1. Backspin Tee Pro Baseball with Elite Angle Attachment

Backspin Tee Pro Baseball with Elite Angle Attachment

When I first tried out a Backspin Tee product, I had mixed feelings. It was certainly not bad, but it also did not seem that practical. But it all changed when I got my hands on the Backspin Tee Pro model. This is one tee that completely changed my perception of the brand and its products.

The Backspin Tee Pro features a classic design with a heavy steel plate. Once you set it up on the ground, it will stay still and you will not have to worry about tee walking or any other stability issues. Even with strong strikes, the base and the post of the backspin batting tee remain perfectly stable.

This tee also comes with a nifty Elite Angle Attachment that I believe can enhance your training efficacy tenfold. With this tool, you can adjust the angle of the ball to practice different types of swings and strikes easily. Sure, you can get the Backspin Tee Pro Heavy without this attachment, but I would not recommend it.

Height adjustment options with the tee are also exceptional, giving you the option to go from 18 to 48 inches. This will help you practice striking the ball at different heights to get the most out of your training. The top is made using double wrapped flexible cones that also feature a threaded connection to hold the ball securely.

Since this is the Pro Heavy model, I honestly expected it to be too bulky to move around. Fortunately, the one I got was quite lightweight and I could easily take it out, disassemble it, and reassemble it back when I get to the pitch. So portability was not an issue that I thought it would be.

Considering the steep price of the unit, you might be wondering whether it is worth buying. But you also need to understand that people who get these tees are either trying to go pro or trying to develop their skills far above the realms of casual playing. In that sense, the price of the unit does not seem that unreasonable.


  • Base: Heavy steel base
  • Height Adjustment 18 to 48 inches
  • Top: Double wrapped flexible cones with threaded connection
  • Weight: Around 18 pounds

2. SKLZ Elite Inverted Baseball Hitting Tee Elite

SKLZ Elite Inverted Baseball Hitting Tee Elite

I have discussed an expensive option and a moderately priced one if you want a high-quality Backspin tee. But let’s be fair, even the Pro Lite model might be out of reach for a youth who is saving up his pocket money for baseball, right? Well, in that case, consider going with another brand.

The SKLZ Elite Inverted Baseball Hitting Tee might be just the thing if your budget is the only thing that is holding you back. Similar to Backspin, this one is an upside-down batting tee that will help you work on your proper hitting mechanics for achieving better swings on the field.

Keep in mind though, this is a budget-friendly, entry-level option for people who want a decent vertical tee. So, you need to manage your expectations to some degree. Still, I myself have used it on occasion and had a pretty good time with it. Mostly though, I give it to my students to train them.

The height adjustment options in the unit despite its cheaper price might be better than the Pro Lite model. You can easily adjust the height from 23 to 45 inches which, compared to the four-position push-button system of the Pro Lite, seems a lot more intuitive and efficient.

However, I am not a fan of the tee top that holds the ball. The material has some flex to it and also releases the ball well when you strike, but it does not match the quality of the ones you find on Backspin tees. Still, as an affordable choice, this is not entirely a dealbreaker.

The base design of the SKLZ Elite Inverted Tee, on the other hand, is quite excellent and in fact, it might be better than the Pro Lite. It is heavier, and once you place it on the ground, it remains stable while you hit the ball. This is one of the main reasons why you should get it.


  • Base: Weighted steel base
  • Height Adjustment: 23 to 43 inches
  • Top: Unique flex material
  • Weight: Around 8 pounds

3. Backspin PRO LITE Softball

Backspin PRO LITE Softball

As I have said already, Backspin Pro Heavy was not the first hanging Backspin baseball tee I tried from the brand. It was a bit out of my budget and I was looking for something more affordable. Then I found the Backspin Pro Lite model which seemed just adept at delivering quality training experience.

It is an extremely lightweight hanging baseball tee that is just as adjustable as the Pro Heavy model. Even though you are paying around 200 dollars less for it, that does not mean you are getting an inferior Backspin baseball tee. The build quality of the two models and their performance is pretty comparable.

For instance, you can still get an Elite Angle Attachment from Backspin and attach it to this tee without any compatibility issues. This will let you access more strike angles and bump up your training routine. In fact, this was the number one reason why I chose this tee for myself when I was younger.

Even if you do not get the Elite Angle Attachment, the Launch Angle Pro that comes with the standard Backspin Pro-Lite should be enough to get you going for a couple of years. It allows you to target a point on the net where you want to aim your strikes to make your hits more accurate.

The top of the unit is made with shatterproof copolymer and has a special damping fluid to make it durable enough to withstand your hits. When it comes to the base, however, the Pro-Lite model takes a significant hit. Though it is weighted, it does not come close to the stability that you get with the Heavy Pro model.

Still, if you are on a budget, and getting the Pro Heavy is not possible at the moment, the Pro-Lite can be a good choice. On the plus side, it is a lot lighter and you can set it up practically anywhere in a few minutes. So you will be able to move around with it a lot.


  • Base: Weighted steel base
  • Height adjustment: four-hole push-button height adjustment
  • Top: Double wrapped flexible cones with threaded connection
  • Weight: 6 pounds

Are Backspin Tees Worth it?

Backspin Tees do cost a lot. So, it is natural for you to wonder if you are getting your money’s worth by investing in it. But the question of whether Backspin Tees are worth it for you is a bit difficult to answer. Since the matter is subjective, the best I can do is give you my two bits.

Back when I used to train religiously, I practiced around 2 to 3 hours at a stretch. With traditional tees, the ball visibility was an issue for me. I had a MacGregor Batting tee that I used to practice daily with, but I wanted an upgrade. That is when I decided to try out something new.

The first Backspin Tee I bought was the Pro Lite model that drastically improved my hitting experience. I could see the ball clearly and could aim much better with it. It also felt much sturdier and the build quality felt much better. The assembly and disassembly were also pretty hassle-free.

The jump from a MacGregor to a Backspin was not a small one however as the price difference was more than 70 to 80 bucks. But I saved up my pocket money and got it for myself as an early birthday present. And considering how many hours I put into it, I would say the investment was worth it.

Later on, I upgraded to the Pro Heavy model which further improved my experience. But that was not until much later though and I tried out many other models in the meantime.

In my experience, these are the major benefits that I got out of using a Backspin Tee.

Benefits of Using a Backspin Tee

Adjustability Options

The major upgrade that Backspin Tee offers is that it gives you a wider range of height adjustment options, especially with the Pro Heavy model. With that one, you get to choose the height anywhere from 18 to 48 inches which is a lot compared to many of the other tees available in the market.

Even with the Pro-Lite model that I started out with; I got a comfortable range of options. Sure, I could not choose any heights that I wanted. But the four different height positions were enough for anyone who is training their hitting skills.

Heavy Base and Solid Frame

The quality of a baseball tee largely depends on the base and the frame construction regardless of its design. And with Backspin Tees, you get a high-quality weighted base that does not cause any stability issues as you practice hitting the ball.

The frame of their tees is also made with strong aluminum to ensure the highest durability. So, you can practice striking with more power. To learn how to make your strikes more powerful, check out our article here

Portable and Lightweight

Another major advantage of Backspin tees is that their baseball tees are extremely lightweight. Since it is made with high-grade aluminum, the tee remains lightweight without compromising the structural strength and rigidity.

Besides, you can also disassemble these tees in a flash and move them around in a carry bag that the manufacturers thoughtfully provide with your purchase. So moving around with it is never any trouble.

Is A Traditional Tee Better for More Topspin?

Whether you like upside-down tees or not depends more on personal preference than anything. I have seen people make weird accusations in favor of one design over the other. But the truth is it all comes down to personal choice and comfort. The training method might also matter in this decision to some extent.

Sure, with upside-down tees, you see more of the ball, but many of the newer top-rated batting tees come with an elevated top for better visibility. So even if it could be a valid point previously, these days, it is not exactly a dealbreaker. Both designs will give you enough visibility to help you strike properly.

When it comes to topspin, a traditional tee is not the better choice as many might claim. A vertical hanging baseball tee with the right baseball bat will give you a much better topspin. Still, it should not be the only factor you should consider when going for an upside-down tee over a traditional one.

The best advice I can give you is to consult your coach if you are training under one. He might want to train you a certain way to cover certain aspects of hitting. If that is the case, he would be able to suggest which design is more suited to your training methods.

Revolutionizing Batting Drills

Backspin Tee might not be the first brand to come up with the upside-down tee design. But it is certainly the one brand that pushed the popularity of this design to its limits.

If you do not have to worry about your budget, then I would definitely recommend going with the Pro Heavy model as this is the one that gives you the most flexibility. The Pro-Lite can be a good choice too if you are on a tight budget. Apart from the limited height adjustment option, it is pretty much the same tee.

Hopefully, my comprehensive Backspin tee review was enough to show you the merits of this unique batting tee.

So, get your baseball bat, your batting tee, and keep swinging for the home run. Good luck!

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