10 Best Batting Tee in 2024: (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Riddle me this. What makes a legendary hitter?

A badass baseball bat? A baseball glove?Or maybe a lucky charm that you got from your friendly neighborhood voodoo guy?

Best Batting Tee

Well, the answer- fundamentals. Yes- I know it sounds cliché, but that’s the truth. Once you practice long enough to get a commanding grip over your swing fundamentals, nothing can stop you. So, aside from discipline and regular effort, the next thing you need is the best batting tee.

Whether it’s for softball or baseball, a hitter is always a valuable asset for the team. In fact, hitters get such high priority that their poor fielding skills are often overlooked.

Anyways, if you want to smash it out of the park and become the next Babe Ruth, you need to put the hours in with your batting tee. However, finding the perfect tee according to your playstyle, age, budget, and location can be a bit overwhelming.

After all, there are nearly hundreds out there. And you sure as hell don’t want to get stuck with a trash tee. So, I’m going to review the top 10 tees for baseball and softball.

Top 10 Best Batting Tee for Baseball and Softball

I included tees of different brands, budgets, and shapes. Everyone – from the young aspirant to the high-school pro – will find a tee here.

1. TANNER TEE the ORIGINAL Premium Baseball/Softball Batting Tee

1. TANNER TEE the ORIGINAL Premium Baseball/Softball Batting Tee

I remember my first batting tee. I was so excited about it that it took a while for my young and adrenaline-fueled brain to realize how horrible it was. However, after a few months, the excitement died. Now I know what a great batting tee should feel, look, and function like. And the Tanner Tee Original has got it all.

This tee has a ton of cool features that’ll polish your swing fundamentals. For starters, the batting tee is adjustable. It can go up to 43 inches from the lowest point of 26. So, you can practice the outside, middle, and inside swings by simply adjusting the tee.

A universal problem with batting tees is the poor top. I’ve seen a lot of tops that either don’t give you the right feel of the hit or simply get demolished after a week of swinging. However, the Tanner Tee Original has hand-crafted Flextop to overcome this issue.

Not only will you feel the ball as you hit, but the top is also going to last for a long time if you maintain it. The durability of the top doesn’t get in the way of your swings. It’s soft. So, you won’t feel a kickback of any sort.

Also, the ball is perfectly visible on top of the tee. So, you can get that sweet barrel-to-ball connection every time you swing.

You can also use this tee for travel baseball. That is if your team doesn’t already have one in their camp. The batting tee weighs around 6-7lbs. So, you don’t need to be Dwayne Johnson to take it with you for practice.

However, the weight of the Tanner Tee Original is kind of a double-edged sword. It makes carrying easy- Amen to that. But it also makes the tee fidgety, allowing the infamous “tee walk”. It means the tee will move a few inches after you swing.

That’s the only issue with an otherwise incredible tee for a reasonable price. I told you I’ll show you a way to move around the drawback if there is one. Luckily, you can sidestep the stability problem by either A) buying a heavier Tanner baseplate or B) adding barbell weights to keep it steady.

Overall, the Tanner Tee Original is a fantastic practice tee. It lasts a long time, the top isn’t stiff, and the price point is more than reasonable. That’s why it “tops” my list.


  • Height: 26 – 43 inches
  • Top: Hand-crafted Flextop
  • Base: 9-inch weather-resistant base
  • Weight: Around 6lbs

2. Jugs T – Pro Style Batting Tee

2. Jugs T - Pro Style Batting Tee

I’ve already covered a batting tee with a moderate price point. But you can clearly see that Tanner Tee Original needs a couple of workarounds to reach its prime. So, I’m about to drop a tee for the fellow pros and major league aspirants. If you’re looking to go BIG, I’d say jump on the Jugs T Pro-Style train in a heartbeat.

What sets the Jugs T Pro-Style apart even from the top-tier Tanner Tee Original is the base plate and the overall weight. The Tanner Tee suffers from “tee walk”. However, the Jugs T is much sturdier in comparison.

So, no matter how fast or how ruthlessly you swing, there’s little to no chance of the tee getting dislocated.

The cherry on top of this incredible stability is that you can actually carry it with you. There’s the signature Grip-n-Go handle that allows you to move it around with ease. Plus, if you break it down, you can fit this tee into a baseball bag nicely.

The height adjustment range of this tee is also greater than the Tanner Tee Original. Instead of 26-43 inches, you get a handsome 24-46 inches. So, you get five more adjustment options. The higher 46-inch setting is better for practicing slow pitch swings. And the lower 24-inch setting is suitable for kids as well. But I wouldn’t recommend using it for a toddler.

And you don’t have to take my word for it. If the batting champion and 3-time MVP Albert Pujols- who by the way has a career batting average of 0.297- stands behind this tee, that’s a statement in itself.

However, the Jug T Pro Style isn’t a bulletproof tee. It has problems as well. The biggest issue is the grease on the top of the stem. The moment you touch it, the stain will get you. So, you have to be careful about how you handle this tee.

Also, I would recommend using some weights if you’re not on top of a flat surface. It can still hold its ground, no doubt. But it might trip if the swing is inaccurate.

Still, the Jugs T is a pro-tier batting tee. It’s got the oomph to take your game to the next level. And there’s a sweet 1-year guarantee to boot. So, if you want to nail those swing fundamentals, you should definitely give this tee a shot.


  • Height: 23 – 46 inches
  • Top: Flexible top
  • Base: 14 x 11 Rubber encased base
  • Weight: 10lbs

3. MacGregor Batting Tee

3. MacGregor Batting Tee

I’ve already talked at great length about two premium batting tees. So, it’s time I give one out to my fellow budget hunters. When I started hunting for budget tees, a lot of brand names propped up. From all the noise, the MacGregor batting tee stood out.

The biggest feature of MacGregor Batting Tee is pretty obvious. It’s the price point. If you think about it, it’s more than $50 cheaper than the two batting tees I’ve mentioned above. However, the low price point doesn’t make it a garbage tee by any means.

That’s what’s amazing about it. Despite the laughable price, MacGregor still performs at an elite level. You can adjust the height from 20 to 36 inches. As you can see from the numbers, the tee suits kids more than adults.

That doesn’t mean adults can’t use it. The 36-inch height is more than enough for adult players. However, the lack of higher ranges like 43 or 46 inches would be a problem for slow pitch swing practice.

The rubber top can take a lot of swings. My son takes it out daily to work on his swings, and he never had a problem. But there’s a catch. An adult who has more punch to each swing may rip the top out.

The whole tee weighs around 11lbs. So, the metal base would be something around 8-9lbs. That’s pretty decent for a budget tee. It doesn’t easily trip over. If you want guaranteed stability, just add some weight.

My son takes this tee out to the field almost every day. Taking the stem apart from the base is easy. So, carrying it around is really easy.

Finally, a lot of people may criticize my decision to put the MacGregor batting tee in third place. Hear me out. It’s an incredible tee for the price. A true bang for the buck. But it doesn’t have the fortitude to handle a lot of “powerful” hits.

Still, if you’re looking for the best batting tee for youth, the MacGregor batting tee would be perfect.


  • Height: 20 – 36 inches
  • Top: Plastic top
  • Base: Pentagon-shaped weighted steel
  • Weight: 11lbs

4. Champion Sports 90 Deluxe Batting Tee

4. Champion Sports 90 Deluxe Batting Tee

I went full-throttle down the budget road to see where I would end up. As the head coach for both youngsters and high-school kids, I had to follow a budget routine. Anyways, after the MacGregor batting tee, Champion Sports 90 Deluxe is another cost-effective marvel that I came across.

Let me get this off my chest. The Champion Sports SKU 90 is a tad bit more expensive than the MacGregor. However, the difference is like $5. Still, I’m putting this upfront to let you know that this isn’t the cheapest tee on the list. MacGregor has the crown for now.

Okay, the adjustable stem can go up to 37-inches from the lowest point of 22-inches. Next to the MacGregor the SKU 90 pales somewhat in comparison. Still, the adjustment options of this tee are enough for most young and teenage players.

There’s no flexible top on this tee. The baseball or softball sits on a plastic top. So, if you’re not fairly accurate with your swings, chances are, you’re going to hit the stem more often than you’d like.

However, you can roll up some synthetic leather and jam it inside the stem. This way you’ll have a self-made top you can use for practice.

The batting tee weighs around 10lbs, and the base is around 8lbs. So, “tee walk” won’t be an issue. Still, I’d recommend exercising caution by putting on more weights. Not that it’ll break after it falls down. But more stability will reduce the downtime you have during your swing sessions.

The Champion Sports SKU 90 is a decent batting tee for the money. It’s a little better than the MacGregor in overall performance, but the price is also a bit higher. If you want a budget tee, you can check out the Champion Sports SKU 90.


  • Height: 22 – 37 inches
  • Top: Plastic top
  • Base: Pentagon-shaped weighted steel
  • Weight: 10lbs

5. Franklin Sports Baseball Batting Tee

5. Franklin Sports Baseball Batting Tee

Unless you are planning to compete at the highest level, going with the top-of-the-line batting tee might not be a good idea. It costs a lot of money which could be better spent towards upgrading other gears like gloves or cleats. But that does not mean you should ignore the quality completely.

That is where the Franklin Sports Baseball Batting Tee comes in giving you a good blend of price and performance. I have seen this in use, and have used it myself on multiple occasions with a good experience every time.

With height adjustment options ranging from 20 inches to 40 inches, you have a lot of flexibility in choosing the angle of your swing. It would be even better if it had a bit higher maximum height range, but for the price, you really can’t complain much.

Since the post is made of rubber, the tee itself is quite lightweight. You can assemble or take it apart in a couple of seconds, so it is a great choice as a portable model too. It also weighs a measly 11.25 pounds which should not be that much of a deal if you move around with it.

The only heavy part of the batting tee is its base which is made of steel for better stability when you swing. To be honest, I did not expect to find any steel parts in it considering it is a budget baseball batting tee.

However, this can be a double-edged sword. The part where the rubber post meets the steel base is a bit flimsy. So, the connectors might break if you hit it too heavily.

As you can see, despite its almost laughable price tag, the quality is surprisingly good. If you are working on your fundamentals as a young baseball player, this can be a fantastic catalyst in making you a better hitter.


  • Height: 20 – 40 inches
  • Top: Flexible rubber top
  • Base: 13 inches weighted steel
  • Weight: 11.25lbs

6. JUGS Hit Like a Pro Hitting Tee

6. JUGS Hit Like a Pro Hitting Tee

If you’re up to speed by now, you should’ve seen the praises I had for the Jugs Pro-Style batting tee. So, when I saw a budget-friendly tee from Jugs, I knew I had to give it a whirl. From what I’ve seen after putting in tons of hours into it, the Jugs Hit Like a Pro is good but has some drawbacks that you need to keep in mind.

Unlike the other batting tees I’ve listed here, the SKU A0400 doesn’t have a metal base. While I’d consider it a problem, the rugged rubber plate does hold its ground. I’ve used it for a long time, and the difference in stability wasn’t noticeable.

The height adjustment ranges from 21 to 37 inches. So, it’s better suited for teenagers and kids. Adults can use it as well. But the 37-inch cap doesn’t suit people who are around 6 feet.

There’s no flexible top on the SKU A0400. Instead, you get the plastic tube where the ball rests. It’s not half bad, considering the price. However, if you want to go full-ham on the tee, I’d recommend shelling the extra buck to get a tee with a flexible top.

The signature Grip-n-Go that we came to love from Jugs makes traveling really easy. You can take it apart in under a minute once you get the hang of it. If you’re struggling with assembly or disassembly, just use the barcode on the bottom to get the instruction videos.

But there’s a not-so-pleasant side to this quick Grip-n-Go. The stem otherwise known as the tee tube can bend after you take a few swings. The only way around it is to attach a clamp to keep the tube in place.

Still, the Jugs SKU A0400 Hit Like a Pro is worth the money spent. Sure, you have to deal with a few drawbacks to get the most out of it. But it’s a tee from Jugs after all. The brand value, the price, the consistency in performance, makes this tee a suitable option for on-a-budget peeps.


  • Height: 21 – 37 inches
  • Top: Plastic top
  • Base: Rubber-made
  • Weight: 8lbs

7. TANNER Heavy Premium Batting Tee

7. TANNER Heavy Premium Batting Tee

The Tanner Heavy addresses many of the issues that I talked about earlier when reviewing the Tanner Original. So now what you get now is a perfect batting tee that does not tip over, is easy to use, and does not cost an arm and a leg.

At first glance though, it does look a little odd. It does not have a wide base but instead, you get a weird “claw” design. However, this unique design is what makes this batting tee such an excellent choice. You can use the batting tee anywhere on a home plate or a flat surface.

Because of this, if you are practicing in a batting cage, you can simulate the pitch placement of the ball working on your strike zone. Young hitters mostly suffer from poor visualization. So by using it on your home plate while you go about your batting routine, you will be able to master your batting game quite easily.

Of course, it won’t be a Tanner Tee without their patented rubber FlexTop. This hand-rolled rubber top ensures your post remains flexible as you strike the ball without damaging your bat. The steel post that carries the rubber top is extremely durable and can take a lot of abuse without complaints.

The best part about this batting tee however is the height adjustment options. You can find three different height range for different age groups. With the standard option, which is this one, the height adjustment ranges from 26 to 42 inches whereas, for younger players, it comes down to 20 to 32 inches.

You can also buy a stem with a 16 to 23 inches height range for practicing hitting low balls. And the three stems are interchangeable too if you want to switch up your training routine.

To me, this is one of the best batting tees out there solely for the number of options it gives. The unique “claw” base makes it extremely stable and the individual components of the unit are made with care to give you the highest performance.


  • Height: 26 – 43 inches (swappable)
  • Top: Hand-rolled FlexTop
  • Base: 15 inches claw style weighted base
  • Weight: Around 13lbs

8. Franklin Sports Kids Teeball and Baseball Batting Tee

8. Franklin Sports Kids Teeball and Baseball Batting Tee

One of my fondest childhood memories is playing catch with my father. I owe a lot to him for instilling the love of baseball in me. And if you want to do the same for your child, then this might be the best choice in the market.

The Franklin Sports Kids Teeball and Baseball Batting Tee come in a two-in-one design letting you use it as either a hanging tee or a traditional standing tee at your convenience. So, you can start training your youngsters from a very early age to improve their hand-to-eye coordination.

Since you are getting it for your kid, price is always a concern. You do not want to invest too much into something only to find that he does not enjoy the game. Furthermore, an expensive batting tee might also intimidate him. Thankfully, this option checks both boxes featuring a bright and colorful design and an inexpensive price tag.

When used as a hanging tee, you will be able to suspend the ball between 18 to 26 inches above the ground. The top of the tee comes with Velcro which sticks to the self-stick covers on the four baseballs that come included with your purchase. You also get a foam bat included with your purchase.

When you swap it out to traditional style, the height adjustment range changes to 25 to 36 inches giving you more height for your growing kid. At that point though, I would suggest getting a better batting tea if you notice interest in baseball in your child.

The entire unit is made using high-quality PVC plastic and rubber. Sure, it might not feature that state-of-the-art construction quality that you will find in professional-grade units, but at the hands of young athletes, it should not break apart any time soon. On the plus side, it does not require any maintenance.

The four-pronged base in the unit also ensures proper stability as your kid hits the ball. Swapping between the two styles requires no hassle or tools. Since it features flex joints, you can easily turn it from a hanging tee to a traditional standing tee in a matter of seconds.


  • Height: Hanging tee: 18 – 26 inches; Standing tee: 25 – 36 inches (swappable)
  • Top: Flex joint rubber
  • Base: four-pronged base with rubber end
  • Weight: Around 8lbs

9. SKLZ Hit-A-Way Portable Baseball Training

9. SKLZ Hit-A-Way Portable Baseball Training

Sure, practicing with a batting tee is great, but it rarely gives you the sense of playing against a real pitcher. Since the ball is always stationary on the tee, all you can do is practice your hitting strength and angle. But it does not prepare you for playing on the field.

The SKLZ Hit-A-Way Portable Baseball Training is the closest thing you can get to playing against a pitcher without investing in a pitching machine. And the best part is that it costs a fraction of what you would have to pay for any decent pitching machine.

This batting tee features three large metal spikes that act as the base anchoring it to the ground. In terms of height adjustment options, you do not get much. The maximum height you can get is 38 inches while the minimum height is around 18 inches.

In this batting tee, the ball is conveniently attached to the post with a cord. So after hitting, you do not have to chase after the ball even if you do not have a practice net. It will circle around the post and will twist back towards you as you prepare to swing again.

The idea of this tee is to help you get into a rhythm. You can work on your timing and contact boosting your confidence at the same time. As long as you keep the ball rotating, you will be able to build up that swing confidence and control.

Despite its rather bulky stature and weight of around 35 pounds, you can disassemble it and move it around quite easily. However, since it is mostly for kids between the age of 7 to 13, there would be little need to move it away from your backyard.

While it may not be the best option for adults, for kids, it is certainly not a bad choice.


  • Height: 18 – 38 inches
  • Top: None (Ripcord design)
  • Base: Three metal spikes
  • Weight: Around 35lbs

10. PowerNet Baseball Softball Practice Net 7×7 with Travel Tee

10. PowerNet Baseball Softball Practice Net 7x7 with Travel Tee

If you are serious about honing your hitting skills and accuracy, then I strongly recommend giving the PowerNet Baseball Softball Practice Net 7×7 with Travel Tee a thought. It offers a complete practice solution for someone who wants to make it big in the game someday.

It includes not only a decent batting tee but also a practice net allowing you to practice your strikes efficiently in your backyard without having to hit the batting cage. The worst part about using a batting tee is having to collect the balls later on. With this bundle, that will never be an issue.

The quality of the net is also quite great. A net of this quality would easily cost you more than a hundred bucks. And considering the price that I paid for this bundle, it seems like an absolute steal.

When it comes to the batting tee, it might not be the most exceptional one on this list. Frankly, the only reason I like it is for the bundle it comes with. It offers a great value for the price and gives you everything you would need to practice seriously to become a pro.

Setting up the tee and the net is also quite easy. It is quite lightweight and you can easily collapse it to take it with you anywhere you want. The entire bundle weighs no more than 5 or 6 pounds. The tripod base folds up easily and is also quite stable once you set it up.

The top in the unit has decent flex and can withstand your hitting force quite well. You can adjust the height from 27 to 44 inches which is another element I quite like about this bundle.

Overall, I would say that this bundle offers the highest value to someone who wants to practice their hitting and swinging. At an affordable price range, this is a fantastic option even if you get it for the net alone.


  • Height: 27 – 44 inches
  • Top: Flexible rubber
  • Base: Tripod style base
  • Weight: Around 6lbs

How To Choos the Best Batting Tee – Buyer’s Guide

The batting tees I have on this list were selected after a lot of thought and deliberation. There are certain features that make a batting tee stand out from the crowd. Now, I’m going to present some factors that, once taken into account, can make your decision much easier. When you get your priorities straight, it won’t be difficult to find the best batting tees for yourself. Let’s have a look.

Height Options Will Vary by Age Groups

All the standard tees in the market have a height adjustment system in place. So, there’s no right or wrong number when it comes to the range. It boils down to who you’re buying the tee for and what use do you expect to get out of it.

I’ll break the numbers down for you.

Anything between 20-35 inches is perfect for youngsters and teens. However, if your teenager’s growth spurt is incredible, you should consider getting a tee with more height.

An adult should look for a tee that has more than 40-inches under its belt. So, more height doesn’t equal more performance. It depends on who is going to use the tee. A rule of thumb- around 20-30 for kids, and around 30-45 for adults.

Base Determines Stability and Movement

Two major roadblocks for batting tee users are the “tee walk” and “tee tripping”. I say roadblock because there’s (in most cases) a way to go around it. Anyways, in simplified terms, “tee walk” stands for the tees’ movement after every swing. And “tee tripping” means the tee falling down on its face.

So, when you have your game face on and doing the reps, you don’t want any interruption. The “walk and trip” can cause interference.

The solution? A sturdy and weighted base.

The heavier the base is the more rooted it will be. However, there’s a certain downside. If it weighs a ton, it’ll probably be difficult to break apart and carry around with you. Most of the tees I have on this list are relatively travel-friendly. But the heavy batting tees suffer from movement flexibility.

However, if you have a wheeled baseball bag, the weight shouldn’t pose too much of a problem.

Flexible Rubber Top vs. Rubber Tube Top vs. Backspin

Once you start hunting for a batting tee, you’ll find these three variations. Each variation brings something different to the plate.

  • Flexible Rubber Top: The key benefit of having this top is the feel you get from each hit and the durability of it. It’s easy to get accurate shots. And it doesn’t feel like there’s any interference between the bat and the ball.
  • Rubber Tube Top: Most budget-oriented batting tees have this top. It’s not as high-durability but the feeling you get from a bat-to-ball contact is pretty much the same.
  • Backspin: Backspin is not just a variation of the top. It’s an entirely different tee. The top is reversed, giving you better visibility of the ball. Also, the backspin tee minimizes the chances of hitting the tee tube.

So, if you’re not willing to dish out a lot of moolah, stick to either the flexible rubber top or tube top. The former is better because you have more leeway to hit the top instead of the tube.

Easy to Assemble

Again, you want the downtime to be as low as possible when you’re practicing. One way of reducing it is getting a tee that’s easy to break apart and put together. Most of the tees on my top 10 list are really easy to assemble and vice versa.

Plus, a flexible batting tee can be taken out to the field or nearby area. For example, the Jugs T Pro-Style fits in

a baseball bag. So, imagine taking it everywhere you go to get some reps in before the match. That’s handy.


Here I’ve answered a few common questions people have about the best batting tees.

What baseball tees do pros use?

This question keeps coming back to me. Anyways, according to popular statistics, MLB pros use the Tanner Original or the Tanner Heavy. I’ve seen the Jugs T Pro Style Batting Tee make some strides as well.

Do MLB players use batting tees?

Of course. MLB players always work on their fundamentals. They want to build up the necessary muscle memory for the swing. And practicing with a batting tee is the best way to do it.

Are batting tees worth it?

If you want to work on your swing basics, a big YES. The fundamentals are the bedrock of good batting. So, you should always keep working on it if you want to become an elite hitter.

How To Train with A Batting Tee?

It depends on what you need. A batting tee can be used to practice a lot of different swings. There are different baseball drills you can look up to get a better idea. Do use a camera phone to record your swing if you don’t have a coach. This way, you’ll understand the problems as you watch the recording.

Where Should a Batting Tee Be Placed?

The batting tee placement will differ according to your foot movements. Nevertheless, an ideal place to rest the tee would be where your front foot lands after a stride.

Get Them Reps In

Behind every great player is a ton of hard work, discipline, and patience. Your skills as a hitter will gradually develop once you’ve mastered the fundamentals. That’s exactly what the batting tee is going to help you with.

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