Wilson A2K vs Rawlings Pro Preferred | Which One Should You Buy?

Since 2008, when both models were released, one of the most popular questions in baseball communities is, which one is more preferable between Wilson a2k and Rawlings pro preferred? It’s tough to choose one between these two. Both are best in their own way and a perfect competitor of each other.

We made a comparison of Wilson A2K vs Rawlings Pro Preferred and tried to compare them in every part of a glove. If you want to know which one is the real winner, we suggest you skip to the last section of this article.

Wilson A2K vs Rawlings Pro Preferred – Comparisons

Materials and Construction

Wilson A2K: Wilson A2K baseball glove is made with the Pro Stock Select leather to maintain its durability. The best part of this leather is its soft, smooth, lightweight, and durable. All leather construction shells give you a long-lasting user experience without damaging their materials.

Rawlings Pro Preferred: Rawlings Pro Preferred glove is made with soft Pittards sheepskin from young selected sheep. It ensures your glove’s durability while being soft. Compared to the Wilson A2K, this one is softer and lighter. Same as the first one, it also gives you a tension-free user experience for a long time.


Wilson A2K: Comes with an I-Web design to give you more ease to catch the ball. The laces are so well constructed and perfectly tied that you even don’t need to think about it for a couple of years.

Rawlings Pro Preferred: It features a modified trapeze web that lets you catch every ball that is inside of your range. It’s rarely possible to miss any catch with this glove. Laces and constructions are strong enough to produce durability.

Comfortability and Safety

Wilson A2K: Why do we buy gloves? Obviously for protecting our hands from high speedy balls. Wilson A2K comes with highly comfortable padding inside of it. The Pro Stock Leather is soft and comfortable enough to protect your hand. 

Rawlings Pro Preferred: Rawlings to pass some tests before releasing on market. And the safety test is one of them. It can easily absorb the 250 mph speed of baseball throwing. It’s literally impossible to throw on that speed. The highest record is 105.1 mph thrown by Aroldis Chapman in 2010. So you can easily imagine how good this glove is in comfort and safety.


Wilson A2K: No matter which position you are playing, this baseball glove comes with every size variation for every position. 11.5/ 11.75/ 12/ 12.25/ 12.5/ 12.75/ 33.5 are 7 different sizes that are available on this glove. Everyone has different hand sizes. You can choose one of them as your requirements.

Rawlings Pro Preferred: As with the A2K, this one also has all kinds of variations including infielder, outfielder, catcher, and pitcher. 7 different size types give you the opportunity to choose as you want. Make sure you are choosing the right one that fits your hand comfortably. Because you need to wear it for a long time under the sun.

Hand Variation

Wilson A2K: No matter which handed thrower you are, your glove is available on the Wilson A2K model. LHT gloves are not as popular as the RHT ones. It’s hard to find a good LHT glove in the market. But Wilson A2K comes with both variations.

Rawlings Pro Preferred: This one also has 2 hand variations. Easy to use for both hands and one of the best gloves for lefties. 


Wilson A2K: Wilson A2K baseball glove has 13 colors to choose from for each model. If you do care about color and want a professional colorful glove that lasts long then this one is definitely for you.

Rawlings Pro Preferred: Rawlings Pro Preferred gloves come with 7 color types to choose from. Every model has its own multiple colors. I personally love Rawlings color because it looks more gentle and cool to me.


Wilson A2K: Wilson A2K comes with one-year satisfaction money-back guarantee. If you don’t like its performance even after 11 months of use, you can ask for a refund or change. They will give you desired refund which you asked for.

Rawlings Pro Preferred:  Same as the first one, Rawlings Pro Preferred also comes with a 12-month warranty. But they will cut 10% of your refund as usage cost if you use it for more than 6 months.

Overall Ease Of Use

Wilson A2K: Every kind of ease that a glove need is available on this glove. User-friendly, comfortable, well-gripped, and perfectly constructed with high-quality and durable material made it a must-have glove for every baseball player.

Rawlings Pro Preferred: A perfect competitor of Wilson A2K because of its soft leather, comfortable padding, high-hand safety feature, and price range. It is guaranteed that you won’t need to worry for at least five years if you try this one. Because we are pretty sure that you will love its high-quality feature.

Wilson A2K Baseball Glove Series

Wilson A2K Baseball Glove Series

Rawlings Pro Preferred Baseball Glove Series

Rawlings Pro Preferred Baseball Glove Series

Which One Should You Buy?

It’s really tough to choose one of these two masterpieces. On Amazon, Wilson has 4.8 ratings from 250 verified purchasers while The Rawlings Pro Preferred has 4.7 ratings from 68 verified purchasers. However, you have to pay 50 dollars more for Wilson compared to the Rawlings. The reason is that it comes with 5 more color variations than the Rawlings. 

You can definitely choose whichever you want and you don’t need to worry about quality. But if we have to give our opinion on the Wilson a2k vs Rawlings pro preferred, we chose the Wilson A2K Baseball Glove as the best.

The reason is this one is more comfortable, easy to use for all ages, and has more color variety while producing the same amount of durability as Rawlings. That’s why we love the Wilson A2K Baseball Glove more than the second one.

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