How to Use Baseball Glove Conditioner | A Detailed Guide

There is nothing better than the smell of a brand-new leather baseball glove! But the leather can wear out or dry quickly if you don’t condition it properly or often.

As a baseball player, the biggest investment you make is a professional pitcher’s glove. I can feel a connection with my glove, and if you too can feel the same, you are an avid pitcher, my friend.

Keeping the glove crack-free and in good shape is of paramount importance. So, here’s your quick guide to using a baseball glove conditioner.

Just use the right amount of conditioner, and make the leather look good and healthy.

Why Should I Use Baseball Glove Conditioner to Condition My Glove?

Baseball Glove Conditioner

I come across a lot of baseball players that shoot me with this question quite often!  No matter how expensive the glove is, it requires regular conditioning. 

Here are plenty of benefits of conditioning the glove:

Enhances the Longevity

Everyone wants their gloves to last longer, and I believe you too! However, if you live in an area with a dry climate, the leather will dry quickly, and you will see cracks all around. 

The Baseball Glove Conditioner is the food your glove needs, so apply the conditioner frequently and keep the leather moist. Furthermore, the conditioner protects the glove from moisture and safeguards it from splashes.

Keeps The Leather Look New and Alive

Conditioning the glove is similar to watering the plants. The contents in the conditioner provide the required smoothness to the glove. Furthermore, a good quality conditioner keeps the leather pores from closing.

Helps in Easy Break-in

Breaking into a new baseball glove is daunting. But a Baseball Glove Conditioner will make this task easy. Unfortunately, if you play with a newly bought glove, you’ll experience discomfort due to its stiffness.

Also, forming a pocket to catch the flying balls is arduous without breaking into the glove. By conditioning, you can form a baseball-sized pocket easily while making the glove feel comfortable upon wearing.

And there are a plethora of other perks as well, such as added resistance against water. 

Now let’s learn the right way to condition your glove.

Clean the Dirt off the Glove

I got my new glove straight out of the box, should I clean it? Yes! Whether you have a new or used glove, it is important to clean the big dust particles before applying the conditioner.

Get a soft cloth or a soft-bristled brush to clean the dust properly. Focus on every corner, especially the ball pocket area. 

Rub the Baseball Glove Conditioner

I would recommend using a new cloth to rub the Baseball Glove Conditioner, as the one you used for dusting may have dust particles sticking to it. Take a little Baseball Glove Conditioner on the glove. There’s no exact quantity, but the layer of conditioner should be thin.

Dab it gently over the glove, and start rubbing in a circular motion. It would be great to radiate from the center so that you can condition the glove evenly.

I usually start from the palm but can start from anywhere as it doesn’t matter at all.

baseball glove conditioner

Stroke the Cloth Up and Inside the Fingers

It could be pretty hard to condition the fingers. But I have got the best and easiest way to do it. Hold the glove in your knees so that the fingers face upwards.

Now dip the cloth in the conditioner and stroke it up and inside the fingers gently. Once done, apply some conditioner to the outside of the fingers and thumb area. 

Let the Leather Live in the Baseball Glove Conditioner

Leather takes time to absorb the conditioner. Place the glove in a clean place for around 20-30 minutes. Then, put a baseball inside the fold of the glove and shut it gently using a shoelace. 

Conditioning makes the glove softer, so it’s the best time to form a pocket inside it. Remember, you have to place the ball after 20 minutes of applying the conditioner.

Place the glove in a dry place overnight, and be ready for the practice session.

Leave for the Ground

Now it’s time to test your glove! Play catch with your glove every day to help it absorb the Baseball Glove Conditioner properly. Test the glove pocket, and enjoy playing baseball with unmatched comfort.

How Often Should I Condition My Glove?

Well, it depends on several factors, including the climatic conditions and the wear and tear your glove withstands. However, I would recommend conditioning it twice a month (at a 15-day interval).

Conditioning the glove too frequently is detrimental to the leather, and you may end up deteriorating the entire glove (unknowingly). 

Things to Avoid When Using Baseball Glove Conditioner

Conditioning a glove is a painstaking task. And there is a multitude of things you should better avoid.

Too Much Baseball Glove Conditioner is Bad

As per a rule of thumb, “You should use the conditioner sparingly.” Apply more if required, but don’t apply too much of it.

Never Heat the Glove

I’ve seen some newbies heating the glove in a microwave in order to moisten it quickly. But it is the biggest stupidity one can do with an invaluable glove.

Store it in a cool and dry place overnight, and see the magic.

Buy Branded Conditioner Only

Steer clear from non-branded products when it comes to conditioning a baseball glove. Go for products manufactured by Wilson and other prominent brands. There are a couple of top brands of baseball glove manufacturing.

Don’t Apply the Conditioner Directly to the Glove

Some conditioners can be highly concentrated, so avoid applying them directly to the glove. Apply it to the soft cloth first, and then to the glove.

Don’t Condition the Glove If It’s Wet

The glove should be dry before you apply the conditioner. Applying conditioner on a wet glove can result in the leather deteriorating over time.

What Type of Baseball Glove Conditioner Works Best?

Baseball glove brands recommend their own branded conditioner. But choosing a conditioner is entirely up to you. I prefer the Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner as it contains Vitamin E, which is good for leather.

Baseball Glove Conditioner

Always check the ingredients when buying a glove conditioner.

Wrapping It Up

The best way to show love to your baseball glove is by taking care of it and proper conditioning. Keep these tips in mind, and condition your glove like a PRO. 

Always remember your glove is the only armor you have in battle “field,” so it should be in good shape. 

Stay tuned for more such tips and to get more advice on baseball gloves and accessories.

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