Wilson A2000 vs A2K baseball Gloves – An Honest Answer

One of the most asked comparison requests we’ve got in our e-mail is about the Wilson A2000 vs A2K. Obviously, both are best at their quality, user experience, and other noticeable things. But when a baseball player has to choose between these two for their upcoming baseball career, they get confused at choosing.

This is why today we are going to review the details between these two. Here we will talk about what are the reasons to buy, the pros, cons, and other things. So let’s get started.

Wilson A2000 vs A2K – The Ultimate Comparison


When you buy a baseball glove, the first thing that comes into your mind is its materials. The material stands for its durability. Most of the baseball gloves are made out of leather. Some of the baseball gloves are made of stiff tough leather while others are soft. That happened here. The Wilson A2000 is made of stiff hard leather to give you a better gaming experience for a long time.

But the Wilson A2K is made of flawless Black Pro Stock Select Leather which defines the softness of the glove. Both are going to give you a perfect user experience with durability for an extended amount of time. 

Comfortability and Safety

Okay, let me ask you a simple question! “Why was the baseball glove invented?” I know most of you answered it correctly but let me tell you again. A pitcher named Bill Doak from Louis Cardinals designed a glove that can protect the player from the impact of a high-speed baseball.

So as you can see, the main reason for using a baseball glove is the safety and comfort of catching.

The Wilson A2k and A2000 both are the boss of the market in this case.

Wilson structured these gloves with their Premium No trip method that can absorb up to 500mph of power 8,000 times continuously. That’s totally insane.

So in this case you can’t compare one with another. Because both come with the same amount of comfort. 


Okay, till now both gloves were quite similar in terms of quality. But now at this point, both have massive differences between these two. While the Wilson A2000 comes with a $270 price point, the Wilson A2K costs you $110 more for itself.

But the quality of those gloves deserves that price. Wilson A2K gives you a softer feel and more comfortability for a very long term. But in durability testing, we found both have the same level of performance.

Yes, the Wilson A2K deserves some more expensive prices than the A2000 because of its updated features like softness, comfort, and extra structured design. But $110 more for these things is kinda overpriced for sure.


Warranty secures a product’s performance. We are reviewing these gloves by saying both are so good and maintained quality. But why should you believe us? You don’t even know us and we are telling you to spend money on these gloves that you’ve earned by doing hard work. We are just some bunch of baseball players who are reviewing baseball gloves to help their customers.

Well, you don’t need to believe us (we appreciate who does). But you can undoubtedly believe Wilson’s money-back return policy. Wilson offers you a 12-month money-back guarantee on both of those gloves.

If anything happens wrong with them or you are not getting your expected performances from these gloves, then you can ask for a change or money- return.

Obviously like all other companies they will ask you some questions to solve the problem in the future. But you can be sure that they will give you what you want.

Overall Ease of Use

These two gloves are overall one of the most perfect gloves we’ve ever seen. There are some specific things that we love about this glove.

  • Both gloves have a various number of color specifications to choose from.
  • The Wilson A2000 gives you a nice and crisp sound whenever you catch a ball.
  • Made for intermediate to professionals.
  • Every web types, sizes, and hand orientations are available.
  • It’s not over the warm inside of the gloves. So you can wear it comfortably on a sunny summer day.

Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove

Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove

Wilson A2K Baseball Glove

Wilson A2K Baseball Glove

Which One Should You Buy?

To be honest it’s really difficult for us to choose one of these two. Both have a similar amount of quality and features which threw us in a hard-choosing spot. We and our teammates tested both gloves on our own and we are quite happy with their performances. So this is our unbiased opinion about the question of which one should you buy.

If you are looking for an overall high-quality glove that can give you match-decider performances then we recommend the Wilson A2K Baseball gloves.

And if you are looking for a glove that maintains everything about quality but with a less price then the Wilson A2000 Baseball gloves should be your go-to-go choice. But keep in mind that you have to sacrifice a little on the comfortability section.

So this was our hand-tested comparison between Wilson A2000 vs A2K. Hope you enjoyed it. We wish you all the best for your upcoming baseball journey.

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