5 Most Popular Baseball Gloves in 2023

At the last of every year, we publish the list of the most popular baseball gloves and gears that gained popularity, bestseller tag, and trust of players. We choose them based on sales count, positive ratings, and return amount. And now, at the last of 2020, we are going to reveal which 5 baseball gloves were the most popular in 2020. 

Most Popular Baseball Gloves For 2023

1. Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Series

wilson a2000

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Wilson A2000 Baseball glove is the most popular baseball glove in 2020. According to Wilson Sporting Goods, it sold over 12,000 pieces in the USA. On the whole worldwide it reached over 23,000+, which is an unbelievable amount as a tragic year.

The reason is pretty clear. Long-lasting durability, comfortable padding, well-structured material placement made itself the champion of 2020. The thing we love most about this glove is its lightweight construction and professional looks. The price is exactly at the point so that everyone could afford it.

2. Mizuno MVP Prime Baseball Gloves Hand

mizuno mvp prime

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Mizuno MVP Prime is the second most popular baseball glove in 2020. It’s durable, lightweight, and more professional. And that’s the reason why it’s in the second position. A stats from Mizuno Sportswear “Mizuno MVP prime sold over 18,500+ in 2020 worldwide”.

It looks like a low-selling amount, but you have to keep in mind the pandemic. Mizuno MVP is made of Bio-soft leather to provide durability with a comfortable feeling. It can absorb up to 500kmp speed that is coming straight from the bat. Comes with a 1-year warranty to make sure its performance.

3. Rawlings Heart of The Hide Baseball Glove Series

rawlings heart of hide

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Made with synthetic leather to provide a soft and comfortable feeling to its user. The best part of synthetic leather is it’s easy to break in. We’ve written an easy 5-minute guide about how to break in a synthetic glove

Hence, the Rawlings Heart of The Hide glove ranked 3rd position with 17,200 pieces of selling amount worldwide.

If you are a high-school or semi-pro baseball player who is trying to improve his performance, then note the word, it would be the best choice of your life.

4. Wilson A900 Baseball Glove Series

wilson a900

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The optimized H-Web pattern really helps you to catch more balls with more ease. Made with British Tan and Black leather to provide good durability possible. The best users of this glove are those players who have a smaller hand because it comes with a Pedroia fit design.

Wilson does care about the reputation of its quality which took hundreds of years to build. So you can be sure that it won’t disappoint you with its pro performance. It’s the fourth most sold baseball glove in 2020 with an amount of 16,000+ pieces.

5. Franklin Sports Pro Flex Hybrid Series Baseball Gloves

franklin sports pro

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The most inexpensive baseball glove on the list. The Franklin Sports Pro Flex Hybrid comes with a premium cowhide palm and PU laminated hybrid shell. It’s lightweight while being durable. It has an adjustable strap that helps you to fit in your hand according to your hand measurement. 

It comes with a game-ready version that means you don’t need to worry about the break-in. Whenever you get it, it’s just ready to go.

This glove is ranked five and at the last of our list with a 12,900+ selling count in the USA.


Here we talked about five best sellers and the most popular baseball gloves of 2020. To be honest these five are not even close in selling count compared to 2019. But you know, the world got hit up by a Covid-19 pandemic and that’s the reason for that low selling count.

Stick with us for more stats like that. We hope you enjoyed our research.

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