Lanolin Baseball Glove Oil | How To Apply To Your Glove

Lanolin baseball glove oil is undoubtedly one of the best oils that you can use on your baseball glove. In fact, most baseball gurus, professionals, and salespeople will recommend lanolin oil or oils that have lanolin as an ingredient. This oil is derived from sheep and has properties that help your glove remain healthy.

Through the evolution of baseball gloves, lanolin oil has been demonstrated to be at the heart of treating leather. It has acted as the main element in most if not all glove conditioners. This article strives to discuss most of the information about the lanolin baseball glove oil.

Why is Lanolin the best oil for your glove?

Lanolin baseball glove oil is second to none when choosing which oil/conditioner to use for your glove. Most glove conditioners have lanolin, and here is why:

Lanolin helps to protect and preserve your glove. The properties found in this oil make your glove bendable, strong, and durable at the same time. In standard terms, you will hear experts say, “break-in”, yes, the lanolin helps players break into their gloves.

Furthermore, lanolin helps cure leather. After using gloves for a long time, they become wrinkled and look as if they are cracking. Using lanolin on these gloves will help by renewing their old look and making the leather look more appealing and ready for the next game.

Another benefit of using lanolin oil is that it preserves the natural smell of leather. This oil is famous for its ability to refreshen an old look while protecting leather’s natural scent.

How to Apply Lanolin to Your Glove – Lanolin Baseball Glove Oil

As a player who strives to achieve the desired experience of a baseball glove, you must be fully committed to taking care of baseball gloves in the first place. The leather used for baseball gloves is highly vulnerable and can deteriorate if not taken good care of.

But how do I take care of my baseball gloves?

Simple, oil them using lanolin.

Applying lanolin oil to your glove will not only help you break into your glove but also increase its durability.

Step-by-step guide for applying lanolin baseball glove oil

1. Buy the right lanolin baseball glove

You can purchase the best lanolin oil here.

Buying the right oil goes a long way. You must ensure that the product you buy contains lanolin. A mistake on this step may end up ruining your entire glove.

Sometimes, it might be challenging to get the right product. To ensure you are getting the right product, just click on the above link.

2. Use the proper routine

Even though many procedures have been invented to help players break into their gloves, applying lanolin oil tops the list. It’s secure and can be trusted.

Start by applying the oil to the affected area and slowly spread while you polish the oil on the entire glove.

3. Apply the oil sparingly

This is an important step. Do not dump the entire bottle of lanolin baseball glove oil on your glove. Instead, be cautious and start by applying tiny bits of oil and only add more when the area seems to be lacking enough. Small portions of oil work effectively.

4. Let your glove dry

The best way to let the lanolin baseball glove soak is by allowing it to dry properly. A close to accurate-duration is 24 hours, but you can do 48 hours.

This will give your glove enough time to absorb and retain the oil before you can use it again. Letting your glove dry will provide you with the ultimate experience of a renewed glove.

A pro tip that you can use is letting your glove dry in a cool and dry place instead of exposing it to direct sunlight for longer periods.

lanolin baseball glove oil

Frequently Asked Questions on Lanolin Baseball Glove Oil

Is lanolin oil suitable for leather?

Yes. Lanolin helps to soften, protect, and preserve your leather. Over time, your leather stays supple.

What tools do I need to oil my baseball glove?

You can use a washcloth, a sponge, or a brush.

Can I use lanolin oil on my baseball glove?

Absolutely! So long as you apply it sparingly and let it dry the right way, there should not be any problem.

How do I break into my baseball glove with lanolin oil?

Here are some simple steps to help you break into your glove:

  1. Sparingly apply the oil to the glove
  2. Put a baseball in the glove – in the palm area
  • Use rubber bands to wrap the ball inside the glove tightly
  1. Leave it in the sunlight for at least 2 hours
  2. Take the glove from the sun. Remove bands and ball
  3. Shape the glove by punching your fist into the glove while opening and closing it
  • Wrap the ball inside the glove again and store it in a cool, dry spot for up to two days
  • Retrieve the glove

Wrap up

Applying lanolin oil on your glove is the best treat you can offer your baseball glove. Even though sometimes the plain oil is quite pricy, ensure the substitute ointments you choose have lanolin as an ingredient. For oil alternatives, you can go through our article on baseball glove alternatives.

Cleaning your glove often will keep it in mint condition. Apart from oiling your gloves, you can get in a habit to wipe them clean with a sponge or damp cloth. This habit gives your glove a more extended life through future games and practices.

Applying lanolin oil to your glove will not only soften it but will also prevent it from cracking. Naturally breaking into your glove is recommended, but using lanolin oil can be beneficial.

As a player, it is your responsibility to keep your gloves in mint condition. A good glove goes a long way when approaching games.

Need lanolin baseball glove oil?

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