How To Keep Softball Bats Warm?

It’s just like Bktherula said, “Everything is better – In the summer.”

While some may not see eye to eye with Bktherula here, I know softball players would jump onto the “I love summer” wagon.

Not only is it the perfect time to get out and get your game on, but it’s also easier to maintain your sporting equipment, especially bats. The cold frostbite of winter can be devastating for your softball bats. And if you don’t know how to keep softball bats warm, you may end up having to bid adieu to your softball bat before the season even begins.

So, how do you go about warming your bat up? Two words – bat warmers. It is easy, simple, and saves you from a lot of hassle.

When I was a beginner, I lost my precious *Summer Saber* (the name of my softball bat) to the merciless death grip of winter. It was dented beyond recovery. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t bring it back to life. So, if you don’t want to repeat the mistake I made and want to keep your bat ready for action when the softball season hits, you need to keep your bat warm.

I’m going to show you how you can keep your softball bat warm without damaging it. Plus, I’ll answer a few common questions related to bat warming and compliance.

How Do You Warm Up a Softball Bat?

The only legal way to warm your softball bat up is to use a bat warmer example Barrel Max Baseball Softball Bat Warmer. But you have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the tee. If you try anything else like rolling or shaving, you’ll be in trouble. Besides, a bat has the most flex when it is kept at warm temperatures. So, by warming it up, the bat warmer makes it flexible and prevents it from breaking. Also, you won’t feel the sting in your hand while using it in cold weather.

But if you want to make a DIY warmer, then you can do so by taking a piece of fabric and sewing it up with the help of a sewing machine.

How To Heat Up a Softball Bat?

If you are thinking of heat rolling, then it is heating up the bat before rolling it. This makes rolling easier because the fibers of the bat stretch temporarily. It is done by means of a rolling machine.

are softball bat warmers legal?

Barrel Max Baseball Softball Bat Warmer

No, bat warmers are not illegal.

Although, according to Rule 3 Section 7 – Warming/ Cooling Devices, bat warmers were considered illegal.

Here’s the reason why – the tests conducted by ASA for the 2010 rule book indicated that when bat warming devices were used as intended by the manufacturer, they do not alter the performance of the bat by a significant amount.

However, when not used as per the intention of the manufacturer, then these bat warming devices can potentially produce enough heat that can change the characteristics of the bat. They can increase the figures of the batted ball speed spec.

This rule was later amended and now approves the use of the PyroFlite bat warmer sleeve, which is a microwavable softball bat warmer.

How To Keep Composite softball Bats Warm?

You can use a bat warmer to keep your bat snug. Whether your bat is composite, aluminum, wood, or scandium, you can use the warmer on any of them. Bat warmer for example Iron Gloves Bat Warmer.

What Temperature Is Too Cold for Softball Bats?

Manufacturers don’t recommend hitting the ball with a thin-walled, high-grade aluminum bat at sub-55-to-60-degree temperature as they can get dented. As for composite bats, they will surely crack and fail. So, make sure you heat your bat up first if you’re trying to have some casual indoor fun in winter.

What Temperature Should You Not Use a Composite Softball Bat?

Usually, whenever the temperature touches 60-degrees Fahrenheit, you shouldn’t use your softball bat. However, a select few softball bats can tolerate 40–50-degree weather. So, read the manufacturer notes or show the bat to your coach, and he/she’ll tell you.

Does Cold Weather Affect Softball Bats?

To understand how cold temperatures affect the bats, you need to take a look at the ball first. Softballs are generally made out of string and leather. So, when the temperature drops, they become denser. Balls that are dense don’t bounce a lot, and they can damage the bat.

For instance, aluminum bats can get dented, and composite bats can crack. This is the case with one-piece bats. If you think about two-piece hybrid bats, they don’t get as affected as one-piece ones. Let’s say the bat is made out of composite material, and the barrel is made out of aluminum. The bat will have a smoother feel to it and will not get dented easily.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining any piece of sporting equipment or gear is difficult as it is and doing it in freezing temperatures is even more challenging. Even the best softball bats aren’t immune to the gnawing chokehold of winter.

Using bat warmers during the cold seasons will help you in two ways A) it’ll retain your bat’s shape and B) it’ll prevent the bat from sudden dents/cracks. It is quite easy to use, or if you are into DIYs, then you can fashion it in any way that you like. And, although I’ve explained it here, if you are still concerned about whether it is legal or not, you can just look up the rule book and give your worried nerves a rest. Cheers!

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