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Agreement & Extra Benefit That Are Only For Baseball Hover Reader

We are glad to share with you guys that we made an agreement with some baseball goods manufacturer for our reputational customers. Every buyer who will purchase baseball accessories through our special link, will get 12 months extra warranty for their purchased items.

It includes:

However, as a chemical item, baseball glove oils and conditioners are not included on this.

Brands That Are Included On This Agreement Program

Currently Wilson Sporting Goods, Rawlings, Easton, Mizuno, Akadema, Under- Armour, Nokona, Louisville, DeMarini, Evosheild are included on this program. In future more brands will be added.


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What Do You Need To Do To Get This Premium Benefit?

Nothing! You don’t need to do anything to enjoy this extra benefit. If you have to buy anything then just click the “Check Price On Amazon” button as normal as you do. We added the special link on that button already by default. The button will look like this:

check price

It will redirect you to Amazon. Every click will be counted and saved on the official manufacturer’s server. The cookies will be active for 3 years automatically to make sure you are getting the exact replacement of your purchased items.

How To Get Claim That Warranty After One Year?

Simply send an email at the [email protected] and write your details. Our dedicated 24×7 manager will contact you in less than 24 hours. Your desired replacement should be at your home in under 48 hours. Not a single question will be asked by our manager.

So that means:

Send an email => Wait for 48 hours => Your replacement is at your home.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to pay any extra fees for that extra warranty?

No. Not a single penny. It’s totally free of cost for Baseball Hover’s Customer.

Q: Many accessories come with a one year warranty by default. Will it count?

If a baseball/softball accessory comes with a one year warranty then you are going to get Two years or 24 months for that item.

One year by default +One year extra from Baseball Hover = Two years.

Q: Why are these brands giving us this benefit for free?

They are not doing it for free. We have to pay a significant amount of money every month for satisfying our readers with this Extra warranty.

Q: How much Baseball Hover have to pay for this?

We are extremely sorry that we are not allowed to share the exact amount. But it’s more than five thousands a month.

Q: Why Baseball Hover doing this?

Satisfying our reader is the main reason behind it. We do care for our reader.

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