Can you Fit Catchers Gear in a Boombah Bag?

Catchers are usually the ones burdened with carrying the most stuff. And trust me – carrying + managing is tough.

While other roles require you to carry a few gloves and a couple of bats at best, the catcher has to also bring their chest protector, helmets, and shin guards. And that is without counting accessories like knee savers and thumb guards. So, why a catcher would need a top-notch bag really requires no further explanation. Sadly, buying a new catcher’s bag is an extra investment that nobody really looks forward to. Especially, when you’ve already spent big bucks on the other pieces of gear that you must have as a catcher.

I have seen many who take this line of thinking and prefer using a basic duffle bag. But though that may work in its most basic sense, it is neither comfortable nor very practical. Getting a bag designed exclusively for catcher’s gear is the obvious, better route. If you do decide to bite the bullet and get a new bag, choosing the perfect bag becomes the next big challenge. I know because I have been shuffling catcher’s bags for a pretty long time. And I know what’s what. So, when I say it’s a good bag, I’m speaking from experience.

Anyways, the simple answer to this question is yes – you can fit your catcher’s gear in a Boombah bag. For the in-depth answer, like which one is the perfect pick or how you can fit your gears efficiently, you need to read through the rest of my article. Don’t worry – I will keep it as short and laser-focused as possible.

Why Go with Boombah Bag?

The first question on your mind should be just what the heck is Boombah and why you should care. For those that do not know, Boombah is a proud manufacturer of customized sporting goods, apparel, and equipment. Established in 2003, the company operates out of Yorkville, Illinois. Though it is a relatively new company, especially compared to sporting giants like Nike and Adidas, it has gathered a massive following among both baseball and softball players. Their fantastic catalog includes boots, bags, baseball equipment, and even gears for the umpires.

Apart from baseball and softball, the brand also focuses on other sports apparel, including basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, etc. You might be thinking – if they focus on customized goods, they must be expensive. Well, they are one of the most affordable options out there despite offering fantastic quality. People (including me) love Boombah bags because of the incredible price-to-performance ratio.

So, if you are looking for the best rolling catcher’s bag, this brand should be the first one on your mind.

How to Put Your Catcher’s Gear in a Boombah Catchers Bag?

Boombah Catchers bags are perfect for carrying all your catcher’s gear easily and efficiently. It does not matter whether you are buying the Superpack Hybrid or the non-hybrid model, as both of them have similar storage options for your gears. Keep in mind though the Hybrid model is slightly larger. The main compartment is for your catcher’s mitt, helmet, and chest protector. You can access it by opening the top zipper on the bag. Make sure you put the chest protector in first, as it takes the most space. Then you want to put your helmet in with the mitts going in last.

You will find a separate compartment for your shoes or cleats, which you can access by opening up the zippers. This is the feature I love most about this bag. Because of this design, you can mostly contain the smell and dirt in a single compartment. And since the shoe compartment is easy to access, you can regularly wipe it using antiseptic wipes. You will find a large mesh pocket on both sides of the bag, along with two hook and loop straps slightly above it. That pocket is designed to hold your baseball bats. This bag can hold a total of four bats, two in each pocket, securely.

Finally, to carry your shin guards, you get a separate mesh side pocket on both sides of the bag. This pocket is collapsible and flexible enough to carry your entire shin guard pretty comfortably. Other than that, a small compartment at the front of the bag holds all your extra items. You can keep a few accessories or key items that you need for or after the game in that compartment.

How Do You Clean a Boombah Bag?

Whether you buy a Boombah bag or a catcher’s bag by some other brand, the truth is it will inevitably get dirty. Carrying your dirty cleats, baseball bats, and helmets to and from the pitch is no small feat for any bag. Although catcher’s bags are made to survive longer and ward off the bad smell, they will require cleaning after a certain period. Personally, I like to wash my bags once every two or three months. And in the meantime, I keep a few small scent beads in the main compartment. While it may not eliminate the smell entirely, it does hold it off quite well until the next cleanup day.

Washing your Boombah bag from time to time is essential to prevent it from becoming too stinky. But how exactly do you clean a Boombah bag? Do you throw it in the machine washer? Well, no. The manufacturer recommends handwashing your Boombah bag anytime it requires a thorough cleaning. Cleaning your Boombah bag is no different than cleaning any other baseball bag. For simplicity’s sake, I am assuming you are cleaning the Boombah Superpack Hybrid Rolling Wheel catcher’s bag.

  • The first step is to empty out the contents of the bag, turn it upside down and give it a couple of firm shakes. It will knock out any loose dirt or mud stuck inside the bag. You can also use a firm brush to clean the insides of the bag.
  • Then take a bowl of lukewarm water and add some mild detergent to it. Use a sponge or towel to soak up the water. Alternatively, a solution of water and soap also works wonders. I, personally, use scented soaps to great success.
  • Then take a bowl of lukewarm water and add some mild detergent to it. Use a sponge or towel to soak up the water. Alternatively, a solution of water and soap also works wonders. I, personally, use scented soaps to great success.
  • After wiping the inside of the bag thoroughly, you should already notice the smell dissipating. However, if the smell still persists, you can apply a bit of disinfectant spray or deodorant inside the bag.
  • Once you are done cleaning, leave the bag out in a well-ventilated area. Let it dry up overnight. For best results, you can turn the bag inside out. It will help the interior dry out faster.

If you want to delay the cleanup day as much as possible, keep a couple of antiseptic wipes in your bag. After each game or practice session, use the wipes to thoroughly clean your gears before you put them in the bag. This is a foolproof way to make sure that your bag remains clean as long as possible.

Which Boombah Bag is Good for Catcher’s Gears?

A catcher’s bag, as I said before, requires careful consideration. With so many different variables to think about, such as size, carrying comfort, space allotment, etc., landing on one perfect option is quite tough. When I was looking for the perfect Boombah bag, I remember juggling between two options, the Boombah Catchers Superpack Hybrid Rolling Bat Bag and the Boombah Catcher’s Superpack Bat Bag. I ended up settling on the former rather than the latter one, even though I had to spend a bit more on it. And I will tell you exactly why I decided to spend the extra dough.

My Pick: Boombah Catchers Superpack Hybrid Rolling Bat Bag

Boombah Superpack Hybrid Rolling Bat Bag

The major difference between the Superpack Hybrid and the Superpack is the addition of rolling wheels. You should already know how heavy your bag gets once you load it up with all of your gears. The rolling wheels on the Superpack Hybrid make it way easier to move around compared to the non-hybrid version. The best part about the hybrid design of the bag is that the shoulder straps are removable. So, you can essentially transform it into a travel bag and take it alongside you without feeling any strain on your back.

Looking at the overall build quality of the bag, you would hardly find anything worth complaining about. It is made using 1000 Denier Fabric, a rugged material that is extremely durable and resistant to water. In addition, the material is quite soft and feels comfy to the touch. The base of the bag features a molded plastic chassis to prevent slumping when the bag gets too heavy.

Also, two strong fence hooks are installed on the back of the bag to hang it on a fence. This bag initially caught my eye because of its spacious design. On its spec chart, the dimensions of the bag are listed as 23.5L X 13.5W X 9.5H, which is more than enough to handle all your gears and also a couple of extra accessories like knee pads or thumb guards. The back can hold four baseball bats in total, two on each side. However, since the bats are positioned outside the bag, they are not that protected against the elements. If you are carrying a wooden bat, getting caught out in the rain with this bag is not very ideal.

Some other catcher’s bags – like the Bownet Commander Softball and Baseball Catcher’s Bag– for example, have the bat holster inside the bag to protect it against snow or rain. But unlike the Superpack Hybrid, the Bownet Commander is very expensive. If you factor that in, this design flaw in the Superpack Hybrid is not a complete dealbreaker considering its price. The two outside mesh pockets on either side of the Boombah bag are perfect for keeping your shin guards secured. If you are not carrying your shin guards, the pockets collapse in themselves saving space. There is also enough interior spacing to carry small products, such as water bottles or wallets. 

Another design feature that I really loved about the bag was the addition of a separate cleat storage compartment. After a rough training session or a game, naturally, your shoes will get dirty. And keeping it in the same compartment as the rest of your gear is not really ideal as it would just get smelly. But you get a separate compartment to store the cleat, which is divided from the main one. So, your bag will remain clean for longer.

You can pick up the Superpack Hybrid Boombah bag for just under 150 dollars. And think about it – it’s quite affordable for a bag of this caliber. Compared to other high-end catcher’s wheeled bags with rolling wheels, the price of this one is surprisingly low. It also comes in multiple color combinations to choose from. I was also satisfied with the quality of the zippers. The straps, however, could do with an upgrade, in my opinion. Still, for the price, I am not complaining.

However, if you do not have the budget, I completely understand. In that case, I would suggest getting the Boombah Catcher’s Superpack Bat Bag as it comes under 100 dollars and shares many of the great features of the Superpack Hybrid.

Wrapping Up

Think of it this way – you have been saving up for years to get the good catchers gear you can find. You packed it up in your backpack and set out on your way to the pitch to show it to your coach and friends. But suddenly, the bag decided to die out on you. I don’t think I have to paint a more vivid picture of the perils of not investing in a good catcher’s bag. But I also understand that investing in a new bag after buying all your other equipment can be difficult. 

Thankfully, buying a Boombah bag is cheaper than investing in other high-end bags. And since you can fit all your catcher’s gear inside safely, there is absolutely no reason not to pick one up. I hope you now know what you can and can’t fit in a Boombah catcher’s bag. Cheers!

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