Can Dogs Chew on Baseball Gloves | Causes and Prevention Methods

A couple of weeks back, one of my players came to practice with a half-torn glove. Now I am pretty strict when it comes to player etiquette, and I demand a certain level of discipline from the kids that I train. So naturally, I asked for an explanation. And I couldn’t help but crack up a bit when I heard the answer –

“My dog chewed on my baseball glove.”

While that was a pretty common excuse in the classroom back in my day, I had never heard it come from a youth ballplayer before. But yeah, apparently, that’s an issue.

And if you have faced this situation yourself, I will tell you what I told him – it’s your responsibility to make sure that doesn’t happen. Dogs can chew just about anything that they find, and baseball gloves to them feel no different than any other chew toy.

Besides, not only does your dog chewing on your glove damage it, but it can also lead to health issues for your pet. So, you need to take steps to ensure that does not happen. But how do you do that? Well, that’s what I will talk about in this article. Let’s hop in.

Why Do Dogs Chew on Baseball Gloves?

Now for those that are thinking, why on earth would your pet chew on your glove, of all things? The answer is really not important. You see, dogs are simple creatures. They like to sink their teeth into things. That’s why there’s a big market for chew toys designed specifically for dogs.

Why Do Dogs Chew on Baseball Gloves
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But the difference here is that while chew toys are made with materials that are safe for the dog, even when ingested, baseball glove leather can cause a lot of issues. However, your dog doesn’t know that.

When he sees a baseball glove, he considers it a new chew toy that you brought home for him. So, he doesn’t think twice about biting down on it. It’s as simple as that.

Is it Safe for my Dog to Chew on a Baseball Glove?

Your baseball gear, such as your glove or ball, should be kept out of reach of your pet. While slight nibbling every now and then by accident is fine, consistently letting him have free reign over your baseball glove is not a wise idea.

The big concern for most pet owners is the safety of their pets. Even if you are a serious player who always puts his gears over everything, if you notice your dog chewing on your old leather glove, I’m sure you will think of his safety before all else.

So, the big question is whether your dog will be okay if he chews on the leather. Well, the good news is simply chewing on leather is not enough to cause any serious health issues in your pet. But there’s more to it than that.

Is it Safe for my Dog to Chew on a Baseball Glove
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You see, dog teeth are pretty powerful, and given enough time, they can chew clean through your glove material. And if they consume a piece of leather that they bit off from the glove, that can pose some serious health risks.

Apart from a severe case of gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea which is a big issue on its own, your pet can easily choke on a small leather piece. So, if by any chance he does bite off a piece of your glove, it’s best to consult a vet right away for the safety of your pet.

As you can see, it’s best to keep your glove away from your pet’s mouth. Yes, it can be a fun little chew toy for him to play around with, but the risk involved here is frankly not worth it. Even if you have an old glove that you are not using, dispose of it the right way. Don’t use it as a makeshift chew toy for your dog.

How to Prevent Dogs from Chewing on Your Baseball Gloves?

How to Prevent Dogs from Chewing on Your Baseball Gloves
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I think by now, you have enough reason to make sure your baseball glove is kept away from your pet’s mouth. But how do you do that? Well, there are plenty of ways to make sure your dog doesn’t chew on your baseball glove. Here are a couple of easy ones:

· Proper Storage

The best way to prevent dogs from chewing on your glove is to limit their access to your gear. Discipline is the key here, and while it might be tempting to just toss your glove on your living room couch when you get home, you should put it in its proper place.

Even if you don’t have a locker for your glove, make sure you put it in a high place where your dog can’t reach it. If it’s lying on the floor, and he starts chewing on it, you have no one to blame but yourself. So don’t throw caution to the wind when you store your baseball gloves.

· Train your Pet

Proper training is essential for your pet. You need to set some clear boundaries that your dog knows that he cannot cross. Remember – you are the owner, and you are in charge. If he misbehaves, it’s entirely on you.

Whenever you see your dog biting something that he shouldn’t, you need to be assertive, and when he plays around with the toys you got for him, you need to reward him. Positive reinforcement is the best way to train your dog not to chew on your favorite baseball glove.

· Get Some Toys

Dogs are like kids – they bore easily. If yours is anything like mine, I’m sure he enjoys nibbling on everything he can get his paws on. Well, there’s a fix for that. Get some chew toys for the little bugger and keep them spread out around the house for him to find and play with.

Get Some Toys

And after a couple of days with his new toys, he will lose all interest in messing around with things he shouldn’t eat. Of course, all dogs are different, and while this little hack worked wonders for me, your dog might not enjoy chew toys all that much. In that case, I would recommend spending some time outside with him to burn off that excess energy.

What Should You Do if Your Dog Chews on Your Baseball Glove?

What Should You Do if Your Dog Chews on Your Baseball Glove
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I’m pretty sure that if you store your glove properly, you will be able to prevent your dog from chewing on your baseball glove. But hey – accidents do happen, and you’re only human. It’s okay to mess up once in a while.

However, if you do mess up, you need to know what you need to do next, both for the safety of your glove and your pet.

· Check your Dog and Glove

The first thing to do here is to check your pet and the glove. If your dog just nibbled on the glove a bit, there’s very little chance that he ingested any of the leather particles. But if you notice visible damage in the glove’s leather exterior, consult a vet immediately.

· Patch Up Your Glove

If the damage isn’t too severe, then there’s a good chance that you might be able to salvage your glove. You want to take your glove to a leather repair specialist if the leather seems cracked. But don’t get your expectations too high.

However, if you’re lucky and there are no visible signs of damage, then some basic glove care should do the trick. You need to oil your glove and use generous amounts of glove conditioner. Afterward, dry your glove properly.

Replace Your Glove
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· Replace Your Glove

If you find that your dog ripped off a finger slot in your glove or ripped through the webbing, you would have no other option but to replace it. Sadly, the damage is done, and it’s best to get a new glove instead of trying to fix the old one.

Well, look at the bright side – at least you have my list of the best baseball gloves to help you pick out your next one.

A Small Recap

At the end of the day, it’s your responsibility to keep your baseball gear safe. Storing your baseball glove properly and taking care of it should come as second nature to you if you want to be a serious ballplayer.

You see, dogs can and will chew on your baseball glove if he gets access to it. And yes, he can easily damage your glove if you let him. Even if you are not worried about your glove as you can easily buy a new one, keep in mind that the health issues it might bring can be severe.

I hope my discussion on can dogs chew on baseball gloves could help you understand why it’s important to safeguard your gear. Cheers!

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