8 Best Baseball Bat Brands in the Game in 2024 [ in-depth discussion]

With the new baseball season coming up, it’s time to pool in your savings. Which brand will you go with for your next baseball bat? There are many amazing ones out there, and if you’ve been at this game for a while now, you already know the names of some of them.

But for a beginner, things can seem dire. When you don’t know the top names in the game, you don’t really know which brand will give you the most bang for your buck. And going with a knock-off brand might serve you fine for a couple of months, but it won’t be nearly as good as a branded bat, right?

You see, going off-brand is always risky. Sure, you might discover a brand that no one uses with a decent selection of baseball bats, but the chance of that happening is pretty minimal. And if you plan on being the best at this game, this isn’t a risk you would be willing to take.

So, what are the Best Baseball Bat Brands in the Game out there? Which brand will give you the most value and survive the longest? And what brand do the MLB players even use? These are the questions that I’ll address today.

In this article, I will talk about some of the best brand for baseball bats in the game that are worth checking out if you’re planning on picking up a new bat for yourself. So, let’s get started.

Best Baseball Bat Brands In The Game

Top 8 Best Baseball Bat Brands in the Game

Here are the big names that you should watch out for when you’re planning to pick up a new baseball bat for yourself. They are some of the finest bat makers out there.

1. Louisville Slugger

When talking about baseball bat brands, it seems almost unfair not to give the top spot to Louisville Slugger. Few brands can claim such an extensive history with the sport, and even to this day, they continue to be a go-to choice for pro hitters in the MLB.

Louisville Slugger, however, isn’t just about baseball bats. They also have a reputation for producing other top-tier gear and accessories for the sport.

Louisville Slugger
Image Credit: bbflicks, louisvilleslugger/facebook.com

The brand started its journey into the baseball bat industry in 1894 at the hands of J.F. Hillerich and his son. But the business really took off when the marketing and sales genius Frank Bradsby joined the team in 1911. Things only went uphill ever since.

Many legendary MLB players, both past and present, have placed their trust in Louisville Slugger when selecting their bats for a new season. Icons like Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron, George Brett, Derek Jeter, and many others have used Louisville Slugger baseball bats throughout their careers.

What Makes Louisville Slugger Special?

Louisville Slugger stands out due to its rich history, longstanding presence in MLB, and the trust of legendary players who have relied on their bats throughout their careers. While they don’t have as much of a hold over the plate share as they did in the past, their continued presence in the scene speaks volumes about the quality of baseball bats that they produce.

My Pick: Louisville Slugger 2023 Omaha® USA Baseball Bat

Best Baseball Bat Brands in the Game- Louisville Slugger 2023 Omaha® USA Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger has a massive catalog of baseball bats for different types of players. And while they have a long-standing history with the MLB scene, they also cater to those playing casually or in the amateur leagues. If I had to recommend one bat from this brand, I would go with the Omaha 2023 USA Baseball Bat.

This is an exceptional bat designed for youth players competing in USA baseball leagues. With its one-piece ST7 Alloy construction, this baseball bat has a stiff feel to it. But that’s not really a bad thing when you want a bat that’ll let you drive the ball into the field without any issues.

It has a balanced swing weight, giving you the perfect blend of swing speed and bat control. The HUB 1-Shot End Cap improves the overall response of the bat and also enhances its durability. And the inclusion of the LS synthetic leather grip further minimizes vibrations on impact to give you the best playing experience.

The size options for this baseball bat range from 26 to 32 inches. It has a weight drop of -11, making it pretty lightweight for even a beginner to utilize perfectly. And since it’s legal for USA baseball leagues, you’ll have no issues using it in any amateur league games.

2. Marucci

In terms of history, Marucci might not have as much hold over the MLB scene as Louisville Slugger. But these days, whenever you turn on a Major League Baseball game, you’re sure to notice a couple of Marucci baseball bats making an appearance every time.

Image Credit: MarucciSports, facebook

That’s because Marucci has the biggest plate share of all the brands right now. Marucci started out at the hands of the former Big Leaguer Kurt Ainsworth and entrepreneur Jack Marucci back in 2002. Fast forward to today – they are the biggest bat manufacturer in the MLB.

But don’t let that discourage you from considering picking up a Marucci bat. While they hold the biggest plate share in the big league, that doesn’t mean they don’t cater to their amateur or casual audience. On the contrary, Marucci has a huge collection of baseball bats designed for players of all age and skill groups.

Among all the bats they produce, the CAT series of baseball bats is arguably the most popular among youth and senior players. Their baseball bats boast exceptional strength and durability and can easily last you through an entire season or two if you take care of them.

What Makes Marucci Special?

Marucci’s unwavering commitment to making their bats as perfect as possible is what makes them stand out from the rest. They have a huge following, and while marketing has its part to play in their popularity, it’s not the only thing that’s responsible here. Their craftsmanship is truly one-of-a-kind.

My Pick: MARUCCI CATX Connect USSSA Senior League Aluminum Baseball BAT

MARUCCI CATX Connect USSSA Senior League Aluminum Baseball BAT

Remember how I just said the CAT series is Marucci’s most popular baseball bat series? Well, I figured if I had to recommend a bat from the brand, why not go with the most recent version of their most popular model? And that’s what brings us to the CATX Connect Baseball Bat.

Made with AZ105 Alloy, the CATX connect has an oversized 2-3/4 inch barrel that’s perfect to send the ball flying to the stands. The weight drop options for the bat are -10, -8, and -5. And with the size option ranging from 28 to 33 inches, you’ll have no issues finding one that matches your requirements.

The CATX baseball bat offers a significant upgrade over the older models. In addition to the stronger alloy used in its construction, the bat also has an upgraded bat knob that uses the second generation of the AV2 anti-vibration technology. So hand stings on a mishit is no longer a problem

Remember though, this baseball bat is only suitable for USSSA leagues. Because of its 2-3/4 inches barrel diameter, this bat exceeds the size that’s legal for play in the USA leagues. But if you’re playing in Senior Baseball Leagues, that wouldn’t be an issue here.

3. Victus

Victus is another recent brand that quickly claimed a top spot in the MLB scene as a premium bat maker. Though Victus is mostly known for its high-quality wooden baseball bats, their metal and composite bats aren’t too bad either. I’ve tried a couple of them, and I quite like their lightweight, low-profile design.

Image Credit: VictusSport, facebook

But I’ll talk about their bats later. For now, I want to focus on the brand itself. Now, similar to Marucci, this is a pretty recent brand. They only started the business in 2012. And in 2017, the brand was acquired by none other than Marucci. Nowadays, Victus is one of the most popular Major League Baseball brands in the world.

The brand started its journey from a small garage in Blackwood, New Jersey. Their love of the game and dedication to providing something meaningful to the sport helped them grow into one of the biggest bat manufacturers in the world. You can notice their quality craftsmanship in every bat they ship.

Victus embodies the true essence of baseball, combining the tradition of old-school bats with the innovation of modern design. With this brand, you’re not just buying a bat. You are also promised quality, durability, and, most importantly, a satisfying experience whether you are a beginner or a pro at the game.

What Makes Victus Special?

You know how most brands start disappearing after they get acquired by a bigger brand? Well, that didn’t happen with Victus. While Marucci had its part to play in this, the bigger contributor to this is the unparalleled quality that Victus delivers in every single bat they manufacture. That alone makes it a brand worth checking out.

My Pick: Victus Nox BBCOR -3 Metal Baseball Bat

Best Baseball Bat Brands in the Game- Victus Nox BBCOR -3 Metal Baseball Bat

Now, I had a pretty hard time recommending a specific Victus baseball bat. On the one hand, I wanted to recommend a wooden bat. But since most youth or amateur league players don’t use wooden bats, I decided against it. For players not playing in the MLB, the Victus Nox might be a better fit.

It’s a hybrid baseball bat with an alloy barrel and a composite handle. And on top of that, it’s end-loaded. That means power hitters who want to see the ball fly off to the stands on every hit will find this bat well-suited for their use. Maximum power on each hit – that’s what this bat promises.

The alloy barrel in the baseball bat has a multi-variable thickness. This makes the sweet spot on this bat much bigger, allowing you to get a good connection with the ball as long as you manage to swing it properly. The -3 weight drop of the bat makes it easier to swing than any other traditional end-loaded baseball bat.

The bat is double-banded and has an anti-vibration connection handle dubbed the 2Six Threaded Connection. As a result, hand stings are almost non-existent, even when you can’t get a good connection on the ball. It’s available in four sizes ranging from 31 to 34 inches.

4. DeMarini

DeMarini is a weird one. While they don’t have as much plate share as the other three brands that I discussed so far, among the casual and youth players, they are extremely popular. And frankly, after trying out a few of their bats, I can see why. They are pretty good at what they do.

Image Credit: /DeMarini.Sports, facebook

I’ll be honest – before trying out their bats, I knew about the brand because of their high-quality baseball bags. The DeMarini Momentum Wheeled Bag 2.0 is a personal favorite of mine, so check it out if you ever need to travel with your baseball gear.

Going back to the topic – as bat manufacturers, DeMarini has made a big impression on the amateur league players who want an affordable way to play the game. But their expensive baseball bats are also worth checking out if you want to get the best performance out of your bats.

While you won’t find this brand in the list of best wood baseball bat brands as metal or composite bat makers, they are exceptional. Their quality craftsmanship and dedication to innovative design and super-cool paint jobs make them a great brand to go with for your next bat budget.

What Makes DeMarini Special?

For a brand that has yet to make a notable mark in the MLB scene, DeMarini is pretty amazing. They cater to a different market, and they are one of the best at their job. Their focus on the youth baseball world is quite admirable, to say the least.

My Pick: DeMarini 2022 CF (-10) USA Youth Baseball Bat

Best Baseball Bat Brands in the Game- DeMarini 2022 CF (-10) USA Youth Baseball Bat

DeMarini has a pretty extensive catalog featuring all sorts of baseball bats at different price ranges. And while I could have gone with an affordable one if I wanted, I figured I wouldn’t be doing the brand justice if I did that. So, I decided to go with the DeMarini 2022 CF Youth Baseball Bat.

Now, this is one of the best youth baseball bats that I ever laid my eyes on, and the steep price tag that it asks for is fully justified if you ask me. It’s an exquisitely made composite baseball bat with a two-piece construction and a fabulous paint job to go along with it.

The Paraflex barrel has a nice bit of flex to it while maintaining a smooth and responsive feel. And on top of that, the barrel has a huge sweet spot, letting you get a solid connection with the bat on every swing. The ReAction end cap is also quite lightweight, giving you the perfect swing speed.

But the biggest highlight of the bat is its 3Fusion Connection, which improves the balance of the bat and also eliminates any vibration on a mishit. Energy transfer to the barrel is also improved because of it. It’s available in a couple of different sizes with a weight drop of -3.

5. Mizuno

So far, the brands I’ve talked about are strictly baseball brands that manufacture all sorts of gear and accessories for the sport. Mizuno, however, is a sports brand. In addition to manufacturing high-quality baseball gloves, bats, and other gear, they also have ties in volleyball, swimming, and golf equipment.

But don’t let that make you think any less about the brand. When it comes to bat making, they bring a lot to the table. And they are also a brand that makes a consistent appearance on the list of MLB plate shares on the opening day. So, if it’s good enough for the pros, it should be good enough for you.

The Japanese brand was founded by Rihachi Mizuno and Rizo Mizuno on the 1st of April 1906. Their first involvement in baseball was in 1910, when they started manufacturing baseball shoes. Over time, they branched out and started producing other accessories, such as gloves and bats.

Mizuno is one of the few brands out there that had a lot of impact in shaping the world of baseball by organizing different events and tournaments. Over time, they solidified their name in the sporting world as one of the most trusted names in a wide variety of games.

What Makes Mizuno Special?

When a brand starts dipping its toes into different sports, you can start noticing a dip in its overall quality. However, with Mizuno, things went the opposite direction – with things getting better each year. If you want a reliable brand that you can trust in a heartbeat, this is it.

My Pick: Mizuno 340462 Bamboo Elite Classic MZE 271 Baseball Bat

Mizuno 340462 Bamboo Elite Classic MZE 271 Baseball Bat

I usually refrain from recommending wooden baseball bats since amateurs and casual players don’t use them that much. But I couldn’t resist this time – The Mizuno Bamboo Elite Classic baseball bat is just that good. It’s also pretty affordable, so if you’re itching for that traditional wooden bat feel, this is a great one to try out.

The Bamboo Elite has a couple of great things going for it. First off, it has a -3 weight drop and a 2-1/2 inch barrel diameter. The end-loaded swing weight in the bat makes it a great choice not only for power hitters but also for contact hitters since the bat itself is pretty lightweight.

This baseball bat is cupped at the barrel end to make it more durable, and on the handle end, the sanded finish gives you a better grip on it, improving your control of the bat as you swing. The handle also has a glass fiber reinforcement to enhance its durability even further.

At first glance, the bat doesn’t look much because of its plain black and white finish. But performance-wise, it’s a top-tier wooden bat at an affordable price. The size options for this bat range from 31 inches to 34 inches. If you want an excuse to try out a wooden baseball bat, the Mizuno Bamboo Elite is your pick.

6. Rawlings

There are few baseball brands out there that are as well-known or as admired as Rawlings. While they are the king when it comes to baseball gloves (they have the highest glove share in MLB), it would be a mistake to doubt their quality when it comes to manufacturing exquisite baseball bats.

Image Credit: Rawlings, facebook

But yes – they don’t have the best plate share, I’ll admit that. However, I believe there’s a reason for it. You see – Rawlings has always been a brand “for the people.” And they aren’t too focused on wooden bats that are used in Major League Baseball. They focus more on the youth and amateur leagues.

Founded in Saint Denis in 1887, Rawlings is a tried and true American brand. It’s the biggest name in the sporting industry with ties to many sports, including but not limited to volleyball, soccer, baseball, basketball, and American football. But their MLB glove share is the one that’s most noteworthy, in my opinion.

That being said, their aluminum and composite baseball bats are phenomenal. And the few wood bats that they do produce also make it to the Major League games pretty consistently every year. Overall, it’s a fantastic brand to go with if you want a decent baseball bat.

What Makes Rawlings Special?

The reason I love Rawlings so much is because of their flexible pricing. They have a huge catalog of top-shelf, expensive pieces of gear. But if you’re on a budget, you’ll still be able to pick up a pretty nice bat or glove from them. It might not be as premium as the top-tier options, but it’ll get the job done reliably.

My Pick: Rawlings | 2023 | ICON Baseball Bat | BBCOR

Best Baseball Bat Brands in the Game- Rawlings | 2023 | ICON Baseball Bat | BBCOR

As I said, Rawlings gives you a lot of options, and I mean – A LOT! I know, I’m going with an expensive one here – the Rawlings 2023 Icon isn’t really one that everyone can afford – but it’s a mean-looking bat with an even meaner spec chart to go with it. If you’re on a budget, you can, of course, look at other options.

The Icons is a two-piece composite bat with seamless Carbon construction featuring the Zero Loss Connection Technology. In layman’s terms – the barrel feels stiff and tight, has an enhanced trampoline effect, and the connection technology eliminates vibration and drag.

This is a balanced bat through and through. If you’re a contact hitter, the combination of speed and precision that it offers will be right up your alley. The Premium RevGrip material also serves as a cherry on top, giving you the perfect grip on the bat for the perfect control.

The bat is BBCOR-certified and has a weight drop of -3. You have the option to choose from 31 inches to 34 inches, which is pretty standard for this type of youth bats. And the paint job on the bat is super stylish, giving you the complete experience of owning a premium baseball bat.

7. Easton

Easton is another brand that doesn’t focus too much on the MLB scene, at least in the case of baseball bats. But that doesn’t mean they don’t make good bats. On the contrary, the baseball bats that they produce are extensively used in youth and high school baseball.

Image Credit: EastonBaseball, facebook

Doug Easton is the man responsible for the brand. His vision in 1922 is what started the avalanche and led to where the brand is today – a major manufacturer of baseball goods and accessories. And nowadays, they also work on producing accessories for games other than baseball.

As of 2020, though, Easton is to Rawlings what Victus is to Marucci. Though the two major baseball brands remain their own independent entities, Rawlings did acquire Easton Diamond Sports, the part that manufactures baseball and softball equipment, very recently.

Easton is responsible for a lot of popular baseball bat series and if you ask me, they are one of the best brands for youth baseball bats. Their composite and alloy bats are out of this world in terms of build quality, durability, and performance. The price range is also quite flexible, so budget-concerned buyers won’t have any issues with picking one up.

What Makes Easton Special?

I always admire a brand that pushes boundaries, and Easton does that pretty much with every single bat they manufacture. Their composite bats are some of the best ones out there. And they are also one of the best metal baseball bat brands in the world. That’s not an easy feat to pull off.

My Pick: Easton 2018 USA Ghost X Hyperlite Youth Bat

Best Baseball Bat Brands in the Game- Easton 2018 USA Ghost X Hyperlite Youth Bat

Easton has a couple of popular models that are great for youth players. And choosing one out of the many can be tough. In the end, I decided to settle with a bat that’s a personal favorite of mine, the Easton Ghost X Hyperlite. It strikes the perfect balance of price and performance.

Now, this is a one-piece composite bat with a balanced swing weight. Its large sweet spot and stiff barrel make it a great choice for contact hitters. The 2-5/8 inches barrel diameter gives you a decent contact surface while keeping its specs within the legal limits of the USA Baseball League.

What I love the most about this bat, though, is its handle design. It has a cracked texture to it, vastly improving your bat control and swing accuracy. And the -11 weight drop of the bat also makes it easier to swing if your physique isn’t built too strong.

You also get plenty of size options with this bat, meaning players of all age groups should be able to pick one up. It’s affordable, lightweight, and has a decent construction. If you take care of it, this bat will serve you well for one or two seasons without any issues.

8. Warstic

Warstic is another huge American brand that regularly appears in the MLB pro scene. In addition to baseball, the brand also focuses on manufacturing goods and accessories for hunting, fishing, pickleball, and lax, among others. Their backpacks and apparel are also worth checking out.

Image Credit: Warstic, facebook

But I’m not here to talk about those things, so let’s focus on the baseball side of things. Warstic started manufacturing baseball bats in 2011, and being a recent brand, you’d think they would have a hard time making a name for themselves when big names like Marucci and Louisville Slugger are still in business.

However, since it’s the lovechild of the former Big League star Ben Jenkins, you would be wrong to underestimate them. Jenkins knows what a hitter needs, and his designs show his experience. Later on, he partnered up with another Pro Player, Ian Kinsler, to take the brand to newer heights.

Warstic has a pretty nice collection of metal and wood baseball bats for different leagues and player groups. Their bats are a bit on the pricey side, though, which is why I put this brand so far down the list. But quality-wise, you’ll find nothing worth complaining about.

What Makes Warstic Special?

Warstic as a brand might not be the most affordable one out there. However, the level of craftsmanship and innovation that they bring with their bats is top-notch. If you plan on investing in your game and getting a bat that takes you the distance, this brand will help you get there.

My Pick: Warstic 2021 BONESABER BBCOR Metal Baseball BAT

Best Baseball Bat Brands in the Game- Warstic 2021 BONESABER BBCOR Metal Baseball BAT

Now, Warstic is a premium brand. That means if you want to pick up a good baseball bat, you need to splurge a bit. So, if you’re on a budget, stop right now. But as long as your budget is not too tight, there are plenty of amazing options that Warstic can offer.

Take the BONESABER, for instance. It’s one of their “more affordable” options, clocking in at around 349 bucks. It’s made of Katana2X alloy and has a weight drop of -3, giving you the lightest swing weight through the strike zone to help you drive the ball as far as possible.

The bat has a couple of nifty features up its sleeve. It comes with the Patented Pommel Precision Knob for better control and response, a synthetic leather grip on the handle for better grip comfort, and a composite end-cap to add some extra bit of durability.

All of these features add value to the overall design of the bat, which in turn makes it expensive. And let’s not forget the fact that this bat looks super premium. So, if you want a baseball bat that gives you the full “Pro Player” experience, this is it. And quality doesn’t come cheap.

9. Honorary Mentions:

I have talked about quite a lot of baseball bat brands so far, but if I’m being honest – I’m barely scratching the surface. There are 34 MLB-certified bat makers out there, and you can understand how it’s difficult to talk about all of them in what little time I have.

But there are still brands worth talking about. So here’s what I’m going to do. In the following section, I’ll give you a quick list of some of the bat brands that I believe deserve an honorary mention, and you can check them out for yourself.

· Chandler:

Image Credit: ChandlerBats, facebook

Established in 2009, Chandler is a relative newcomer to the scene. But their appearance in MLB is pretty consistent already. Their wooden baseball bats are some of the finest out there, and many pro hitters rely on this brand for their superior quality and bat design.

· Old Hickory:

Old Hickory
Image Credit: OldHickoryBats, facebook

Old Hickory is another brand that mostly caters to MLB players and specializes in wood bats made of Maple, Birch, or Ashwood. But when they started, they only focused on local players around them. After a while, they caught the attention and quickly became a leading plate share holder in the MLB.

· Under Armour:

Under Armour is another recent company that started making small appearances in the MLB scene. While I love the brand for their high-quality catcher’s gear, their baseball bats are also pretty decent. If you’re on a budget, it’s worth checking out some of their baseball bats, as they are quite affordable.

· Tucci:

Whether you’re looking for batting helmets, fastpitch equipment, or baseball bats, Tucci is a great brand to watch out for. They offer a lot of high-end baseball bats for both the pros and the amateur league players. Their pricing is pretty decent for the level of quality that they offer.

How Many Brands of Baseball Bats Are There?

It’s a tough one to answer. The best answer I can give is – a lot. And I wouldn’t want to tick anyone off by not listing their favorite baseball bat brands.

However, if you’re talking strictly about MLB, then it’s easier to answer. As of today, there are around 34 companies out there that are licensed to manufacture bats for Major League Baseball. Back in 1993, that number was only 10.

But of the 34 brands, there’s no guarantee that each of the brands will have a percentage of the plate share each year. For example, on the 2019 MLB opening day, only 24 brands of baseball bats made the cut. Marucci claimed the top spot with around 28.83% plate share, and Victus was ranked second with 18.36% plate share.

Outside MLB, there are many brands that are just as good at crafting high-quality baseball bats. Brands like Easton, Franklin Sports, and many others are quite popular among amateur league players, but you’d never see them used at professional games.

What Brand of Bats do Most MLB Players Use?

As I already said, there are 34 brands that are approved and licensed by MLB to manufacture Pro-level bats that the players can use. And of the 34 bats, you’ll see at least 20 of them make an appearance in the field each year.

What Brand of Bats do Most MLB Players Use
Image Credit: mlb, facebook.com

The plate share of the brands is a clear indication of which brand of bats most of the MLB players use. Now, the plate share changes each season, and the brand that holds the most plates one season might not make the cut the next. Make sure you understand that before you pass judgment on the quality of a brand.

With that said, here’s the plate share of the top five brands for the 2023 MLB opening day.

PositionBrand NamePlate Share (Percentage)
3Louisville Slugger14.6
5Old Hickory10.1

As you can see, Marucci holds the highest plate share (23.9 percent) of the bunch. That means most of the Pros in the MLB are endorsed by Marucci and use their bats. Victus holds the second place with a competitive 22.8 percent plate share.

Louisville Slugger, Chandler, and Old Hickory have the third, fourth, and fifth spots, respectively. This chart should give you a clear picture of which brand of bats most MLB players use.

What is the Best Youth Baseball Bat Brand?

Youth baseball is different from MLB in a couple of ways. First off, the skill level of the players, though decent, isn’t necessarily on the same level as the Pros. But the bigger difference here is that you won’t see any endorsement deals among the players and the companies at this playing level.

What is the Best Youth Baseball Bat Brand
Image Credit: EastonBaseball, facebook

That means youth baseball players usually get their bats from college programs, or they need to pay for it themselves. Now, there are many brands that manufacture best baseball bat for youth. And some of the bats that are available on the market are pretty darn expensive.

However, in my experience, price is a huge factor in youth baseball. Most youth players need to think of their budget when they buy a bat. And because of that, an expensive baseball bat doesn’t always translate to a good investment.

That’s why I usually don’t recommend brands with an expensive catalog for youth baseball. Instead, a brand that offers a nice range of options at different price groups is a better brand if you ask me.

With that said, my favorite brand for youth baseball bats is Easton. I would also recommend checking out Louisville Slugger and Marucci since their pricing is also pretty flexible. This is strictly a personal opinion, though, so take it with a grain of salt.

What is the Best Wooden Baseball Bat Brand?

“Best” is a subjective term, and the ones I consider good baseball bat brands don’t always mean you’ll think the same of them. It’s important to understand that before I talk more about it.

Now, there are many companies that manufacture wooden baseball bats, and the MLB-approved bat manufacturers are all amazing brands. But if I had to select a handful, here are the ones I would recommend.

What is the Best Wooden Baseball Bat Brand
Image Credit: Canva
  • Marucci: Marucci holds the highest plate share consistently each year. So, obviously, they are doing something right with their bats.
  • Louisville Slugger: The level of history that this brand has with Baseball is truly unmatched. Their bats are some of the finest to appear in the game, and though they aren’t as popular in the MLB as before, their quality certainly has improved.
  • Old Hickory: Old Hickory is another consistent appearance in the MLB scene, offering amazing bats made of Maple, Birch, and Ashwood. This is definitely a brand worth checking out for wooden bats.
  • Chandler: Chandler uses hand-selected wood to craft their bats with utmost precision. Their consistent quality and the level of customization they offer with their bats are truly exceptional.
  • B45: B45 is a Canadian company that specializes in Maple bats. Similar to Chandler, they use hand-selected wood of the highest quality to manufacture each of their bats.

What Brand of Bat did Babe Ruth Use?

When you think of baseball legends of the past, who do you think of? At least 6 out of 10 people would think of Babe Ruth – “The Great Bambino” or “The Sultan of Swat”. The man had an incredible career with a record of 714 home runs and 2213 batted runs, both of which remained unbroken for a long, long time.

What Brand of Bat did Babe Ruth Use
Image Credit: mlb, facebook

Naturally, many people would wonder – what bat did Babe Ruth even use? Well, he used many different bats throughout his career with different specs. In his early years, Babe Ruth used a 54-inch baseball bat made of hickory.

Later on, he would go on to use bats of varying lengths, sometimes 36 inches long and sometimes 46 inches. For his legendary 1927 season, when he scored 60 home runs, he used a 40-inch baseball bat.

Babe Ruth was a huge fan of Louisville Slugger, and most of his bats were manufactured by the brand.

What Name Brand Baseball Bat did Pete Rose Use?

If there’s one name that’s as highly revered as Babe Ruth in the sport of Baseball, it would probably be Pete Ross. He was a 17-time All-Star, a member of three World Series championships, National League Rookie of the Year, And also a two-time Gold Glove winner.

What Name Brand Baseball Bat did Pete Rose Use
Image Credit: retrobaseball33, facebook

And these are not his only achievements. If I were to talk about all of the feats that he accomplished throughout his career, we would be here all day. So let’s just say this – he deserves every bit of fame and recognition that he gets even after decades of his retirement.

Compared to Babe Ruth and many other Hall of Famers, though, the bat choice of Pete Rose was pretty diverse. He used a couple of different bats throughout his baseball career.

He started out with an H&B Pro index bat, which is basically a custom-made Louisville Slugger bat. But he switched to Adirondack after a decade or so into his career.

Later on, he settled down with Mizuno bats of different specs. In fact, when he was gearing up to beat the All-time Hit records held by Ty Cobb, he was using a Mizuno bat with the number 4192 carved at the barrel. That was the number of hits he needed to break the record.

And once he broke it, Mizuno replaced the 4192 number with the acronym ATHL, which means All Time Hit Leader. The hit record (4256) set by Pete Ross is yet to be beaten even to this day.

The Bottom Line: What is the Best Baseball Bat Brand?

Buying a new baseball bat for the coming season is like fighting an uphill battle – you’re always having to add new things to the equation. But once you’ve settled on a brand, things do get easier.

You see, each bat manufacturer has something new to offer. And after you try out a couple of different bats by different bat makers, you’ll start to notice the little things that they do to make their bats unique.

The baseball bat brands list that I gave you should provide a couple of good options for you to consider. But make sure you’re picking a bat that matches your play style, age group, and skill level. If you’re a beginner, don’t blow your budget on an expensive bat. Instead, go with one that’ll help you grow as a player.

For youth players, brands like Easton or Mizuno are great ones. And those playing in competitive leagues might prefer a more premium brand like Marucci or Victus. It all depends on your situation.

I hope my in-depth discussion on the best baseball bat brands could help you learn a thing or two about the dynamic world of baseball. Cheers!

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