Are Ghost Softball Bats Illegal?

The Easton Ghost is one of the finest softball bats out there, regardless of whether you play in high school or the little league. But depending on your play level, this bat might just be illegal. Confused? Let me break it down for you to give you a clearer picture of what I am talking about.

Are Ghost Softball Bats Illegal?

Softball bat regulations can often get confusing. With certification stamps like USSSA, ASA, BBBCOR, etc., things can often feel overwhelming for a rookie player. I mean, you probably just want to buy a softball bat that you can use in your next game. And dealing with this might be the last thing you want.

Well, unfortunately, if you want to make sure you are using a legal bat that officials won’t give you trouble with, you need to understand which bat is suitable for your game. If your bat is not approved for your game, the official is within his right to eject you from the game.

Are Ghost Softball Bats Illegal

For example, if a bat is stamped for approval in USSSA, you can use it in the big leagues. However, for high school games, your bat must be approved by the ASA, which is a different stamp of approval entirely. If you are considering the Easton Ghost Softball bat for your next big investment, let me start by saying you made a good choice. This bat comes in two variants, and depending on your play level, one is illegal, and one is not.

This is a great bat, but it is also a bit more confusing than some of the other softball bats out there. I know you are still confused, and it’s okay. But when you are done going through this article, you should have all the information you would need to understand whether your Ghost softball bat is illegal for your play level.

What is the Ghost Softball Bat?

Before I get into detail about bat regulations and whatnot, let me take a step back and talk a bit about the bat in question. The Easton Ghost is a fantastic top-tier softball bat that is extremely popular among newcomers and veterans alike.

Though mostly preferred by power hitters for its massive on-demand power, this bat is also widely used by many contact hitters. It is a two-piece, double-barrel composite bat. Needless to say, it is an excellent bang for your buck investment.

As I was saying before, the bat has two main variants. One of them comes with a USSSA thumbprint, whereas the other one comes with the ASA stamp of approval. This is the main reason there is so much confusion surrounding this particular softball bat.

Why is the Ghost Bat Illegal in Softball?

Here’s the thing; the Ghost softball bat is not illegal in softball. If you have the one with the USSSA stamp, you can use it in USSSA games without running into any trouble with the officials. However, you cannot and should not use that bat for high school games.

Similarly, if you have the variant with the ASA certification, you should be fine using it in high school competitive softball. But at a professional level, the official might disqualify you for taking this bat up to the batter’s box.

What Ghost Softball Bats are Illegal?

The best way to figure out whether the Ghost bat that you have is legal for your level of play is to check the certification stamp. It is typically placed near the end of the barrel where it meets the handle. If it is stamped for ASA, then you can use it in your high school games. But if the stamp is USSSA, it is illegal at that level.

What Ghost Softball Bats are Illegal

There’s also another way to know if the bat is legal or illegal for high school games. You can always check the color of the bat.

The Ghost bat that is legal for high school comes with a black and blue color scheme. On the other hand, the USSSA level bat features a gold and black aesthetic. You cannot find a gold Ghost bat for the high school level of softball.

So, if you have a gold Ghost bat, and it has an ASA stamp, it has probably been tampered with. The officials will immediately disqualify you if they catch you with this bat in your high school games.

Is the Easton Ghost Advanced Bat Illegal?

Not when you’re playing ASA games, but it is illegal if you use it in USSSA. The Easton Ghost Advanced is an entirely different bat that improves a lot on the original Ghost. It features a similar double-barrel design, but the inner barrel is much lighter, providing better compression on hit. What that means is you will have a greater sweet spot to work with and will be able to send the ball hurling to the stands on a good hit.

Is the  Easton Ghost Advanced Bat Illegal

It also looks a lot different than the original featuring a black, white and red color scheme that gives it a very classy and stylish look. This bat is available in multiple sizes and drops, giving you a lot of different options to choose from.

The Ghost Advanced comes with both ASA and USSSA stamps of approval. This means you are not breaking any rules if you are using it anywhere. However, local leagues have different requirements.

Now That We’re Here

Picking out a softball bat can be tough enough as it is with so many things to consider. And on top of that, when you have to worry about stamps and certifications, things can get even more complicated.

Still, if you do not want to run into any trouble with the officials, you should always check the certification on the bat. I will also recommend giving my article on USSSA vs ASA bats a read for a better understanding of the certifications.

I hope I could explain which Easton Ghost bats are legal for what level of play. So, you should not have too much trouble picking out the suitable one for your games.

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